Ethiopia’s Tigray holding regional elections in defiance of federal government

Tigray has dominated Ethiopian politics since guerilla fighters ousted a Marxist dictator in 1991. Its population is relatively small – around 5% of Ethiopia’s 109 million people – but its history in politics means it is wealthier and more influential than many other, larger regions.

Cabinet minister admits Boris Johnson’s plans to tear up Brexit divorce deal WILL break international law as top Government lawyer quits hours before talks restart and Theresa May warns UK will ‘no longer be trusted’

In a message kicking off the latest round of discussions, the peer said the two sides ‘can no longer afford to go over well-trodden ground’ and progress on the key stumbling points – fishing rights and the UK obeying EU rules – was essential this week if a deal was to be done in time […]

Boris’s mass COVID testing moonshot ‘to cost £100BILLION’: PM’s plan to get life back to normal is forecast to cost almost as much as entire NHS budget – as experts warn it may not even be possible

In a grim assessment of the slog to come, Prof Whitty said: ‘Everybody I think in the country will know, and it has been widely reported that the period over autumn and winter, which is the period when all respiratory viruses have an advantage because people crowd together, more things are done indoors amongst other […]

Moonshot or moonshine? Boris announces plans to mass test millions every day with results back in 20-90 minutes – and is ‘due to start with pilot in Salford’ next month’

After being driven across the English border to Telford for the nearest available test, she was told by a staff member that she could not be tested because she had not received a QR code when she booked.

‘I knew I had to end it’: Wife of ‘Naughty Tory’ MP Charlie Elphicke – who inherited his seat in a coup – said she planned to leave him all along and only supported him during his trial because she feared he might kill himself

Sobbing in the witness box, Elphicke confessed: ‘She comes into court with me every day. She’s supporting me throughout proceedings. But things are not good. It hangs by a thread. I’ve got a lot of work to do. She’s most upset that I didn’t tell her at the outset.’

Despite judge’s order, plans being made for census layoffs

The lawsuit contends the Census Bureau changed the schedule to accommodate a directive from President Donald Trump to exclude people in the country illegally from the numbers used in redrawing congressional districts. The revised plan would have the Census Bureau handing in the apportionment numbers at the end of December, under the control of the […]

Huawei ban timeline: Chinese company’s Harmony OS may hit phones next year

Oct. 23, 2019: Huawei launches the Mate X foldable phone in China and celebrates hitting 200 million phone shipments two months sooner than it did last year. Also, the company’s cybersecurity chief says it’d be easier to bribe telecom staff than build backdoors into networks.

The White House is reportedly planning a 5G summit to combat Huawei

“We’re going to have a lot of them in the White House to have a discussion. I’m sure the president will join us in part,” CNBC said Larry Kudlow, director of the United States National Economic Council, told reporters Friday. “That would include Samsung, that would include all of our guys.”

Heathrow boss warns government’s Covid quarantine policy is ‘strangling’ economy and ‘costing jobs and livelihoods’ as airport reports 82% fall in passenger numbers

Isabelle Brett , 20, had only arrived with her family in the Algarve on Monday to stay in a villa.  Now, after scrambling to get last minute flights home before the quarantine comes in to place on Saturday morning, they will be cutting their holiday short by two days and flying back tonight. 

Israeli Firm Denies Claims It Sold Phone Hacking Equipment to Venezuelan Gov’t Amid US Sanctions

“Cellebrite hasn’t worked with defense or police clients in Venezuela for a number of years, and will not change its policy regarding the country as long as the current [Maduro] regime is holding on to power”, the news outlet Haaretz quoted the firm as saying in a statement earlier this week. The Venezuelan government has […]