Government in ‘turmoil’ over implementing flood precaution rules

Indefinitely postponedA deal has been struck between the government, councils and builders in England and Wales which will make councils responsible for maintaining drainage features, such as ponds and grassy areas located to catch water running off roofs.

TikTok tells Australian MPs to stop using it as ‘political football’ amid rising China tensions

It followed calls by an anonymous federal MP calling for the app to be banned earlier this month, and the prime minister, Scott Morrison, stating it was “right for people to have an increased awareness of where these platforms originate and the risks they present”.

Japan companies call on government to accelerate low-carbon shift in coronavirus recovery

Japan’s government should allow companies to buy renewable energy supplies outside its mandatory feed-in-tarriff scheme to cut costs, Miyake said. The government will find strong support from companies if it changes policies to foster more renewable energy and reduce emissions, she said.

‘It’s a boys club’: Johnson accused of running ‘blokey’ government

The work and pensions secretary, Thérèse Coffey, who oversees the complex welfare system and whose department has processed a dramatic surge in benefits claims throughout the Covid-19 crisis, never got the chance to front the daily press conference. The junior minister Penny Mordaunt is widely regarded as being on the naughty step after criticising Cummings’s […]

People mock government’s ‘work out to help out’ slogan with very rude comebacks

RavSRM wrote: “This “‘eat out to help out’, ‘work out to help out’ and ‘enjoy the arts to help out’ messaging is ‘catch the virus, get ill, risk long term health difficulties and potential death to help out’. How many more deaths do this Government want to cause???”

Rajasthan political crisis: Prayagraj MP Rita Bahuguna Joshi invites Sachin Pilot to join BJP

Veteran Congress leader Salman Khurshid also tweeted:Sad to see events unfold in Rajasthan. Sad particularly because the son of my dearest late friend, Rajesh Pilot is at the vortex. We have challenges ahead that make personal ambitions and expectations insignificant. Let us rededicate our vision and energy

Irish minister fired two weeks after new government formed

Martin, whose party lost power in 2011 after being forced to accept a bailout from the European Union and International Monetary Fund, said he had been forced to fire Minister for Agriculture Brian Cowen weeks after news emerged of a drink-driving prosecution.

Rajasthan political crisis | BJP wary after Maharashtra experience

The crisis in the Congress-led government in Rajasthan may have been compared to the situation that brought down the party’s government in Madhya Pradesh, with infighting between leaders and the high command’s failure to arrest it but for the BJP, the Rajasthan crisis is one where lessons learnt after the Maharashtra elections came in handy.

Rajasthan political crisis: Sachin Pilot-led Congress camp releases video showing 16 MLAs sitting together

Ladnun MLA Mukesh Bhakar tweeted, “…Loyalty in Congress means Ashok Gehlot’s slavery. That is not acceptable to us.” Pilot has been upset since he was denied the Rajasthan chief minister’s post after the December 2018 assembly elections.

The Australian government’s concern about TikTok is not just about data ethics – it’s about politics

As an app that encourages users to create and share short videos, mostly in the form of dance challenges, lip-syncing and satirical social commentary, the Chinese-owned TikTok has captured a teenage audience rivalling that of Silicon Valley giants such as Instagram and YouTube. While unease about the privacy and security of data collected via TikTok […]