Another federal official raises questions about Trump’s vaccine timeline

“These are the first trials, and we do not know how efficiently we will achieve the defined endpoints of the trials. Will it be a straight, easily defined line, or more akin to a meandering trail with switchbacks? We are in unchartered waters,” Corey said.

Governor compliments Telangana government; but says a lot to be done in health, education, tribal sectors

She hoped that the government focusses on improving health, education and tribal welfare sectors where there is a lot to be done. Universities don’t have regular Vice-Chancellors and huge vacancies while government hospitals across the State need to be strengthened as they were the last hope of the poor people. Tribals are poor and they […]

Boris Johnson’s government is threatening to breach international law. It could backfire spectacularly

In public, the government has played down the suggestions that its Internal Market Bill, published on Wednesday, is designed specifically to blow up a part of the Brexit deal called the Northern Ireland Protocol. Quite the opposite — the government claims it is committed to meeting its international obligations and that the offending passages in […]

Bob Woodward’s reporting prompts the question: What if Trump had risen to the occasion?

Trump’s motivation for speaking and speaking and speaking with Woodward seems clear: He wanted to impress the legendary journalist. “Let’s see if we can get a good book,” Trump said in one of his calls with Woodward, almost as if the two men were playing a game.

House, government to take call on Deputy Speaker election: LS Speaker Om Birla

Hectic preparations are underway for the session with several first-time measures being taken because of the pandemic, such as testing of MPs, staggered seating arrangements in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and use of both chambers and galleries to accommodate the members.

NSW election 2015: Mike Baird’s Coalition retains government despite swing to Labor

Photo: NSW Premier Mike Baird has claimed a mandate to go ahead with his plans after winning the state election. (AAP: Nikki Short) Photo: NSW Premier Mike Baird arrives at Coalition HQ in the Sydney CBD to celebrate his election victory. (AAP: Nikki Short) Photo: NSW Premier Mike Baird rubs shoulders with supporters after claiming […]

Question hour: Centre provided 500 ventilators to Himachal, says CM

Responding to a question asked by MLA Asha Kumari, education minister Govind Thakur said the state government had decided to implement the National Education Policy in the state and a notification to this effect had already been issued. He said preference will be given to impart education in Hindi. The rule will also be applicable […]

Afghan Government Set to Begin Historic Peace Talks With Taliban on Saturday

On Friday, Khalilzad told reporters that the upcoming negotiations will be the first time in four decades that “Afghan-owned and Afghan-led talks” will take place, expressing his hope that they will lead to a “political roadmap to end the protracted war” in the country. As part of the US-Taliban peace deal, the militant organization agreed […]

Worker Exposed to 9/11 Toxins Continues to Suffer, Neglected by US Government

Even with the many health problems she has, Gentile said she is still forced to work so she and her husband can continue to pay bills and maintain their household. Her concerns are exacerbated because she is someone with pre-existing underlying health conditions in the middle of a global pandemic that has so far sickened […]

‘Asking questions from govt constitutional right’: Chirag Paswan demands President’s rule in Maharashtra

“The way North Indians are being targeted, the way Kangana was targeted because she asked a few questions, the way the ex-Naval officer was thrashed by alleged Shiv Sainiks because he forwarded a sketch is abhorrent. Late Bala Saheb Thackeray used to make beautiful sketches to express satire, tolerance level has gone down in his […]