World’s most beautiful scenes in Agora’s Travel photo contest

An amazing scene captured by British photographer Kent Sampson in Utah’s Red Canyon. He said: “I found this gem of a spot whilst driving towards Bryce Canyon. As soon as I drove under it, I knew the shot I wanted to get. I parked up and went off the beaten path, hiking a nearby hill […]

South Korea’s defiant churches face backlash for hampering COVID-19 response

Rev. Jun Kwang-hoon, who is the head of the Sarang Jeil Church in Seoul, which is at the center of the new wave of infections, speaks to the media before being imprisoned in front of his church in Seoul, South Korea, September 7, 2020. Picture taken on September 7, 2020. Yonhap via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS […]

Alt-Right Claims Net Neutrality Promotes ‘Satanic Porn’ in Planted Flyers

When asked what the headers from the activist groups and internet porn companies were intended to communicate, Posobiec said it was “tongue-in-cheek” and that he wanted to “let the gathered media aware of the fact that Fight For The Future is standing with PornHub and Red Tube today.”

Donald Trump praises First Lady Melania’s ‘style, class and grace’ and defends her ‘incredible’ RNC speech saying ‘it’s not her first language’ after critics including Bette Midler mocked her accent

‘My parents worked very hard to ensure our family could not only leave and prosper in America, but also contribute to a nation that allows for people to arrive with a dream and make it reality.’ 

U.S. Commander: North Korea Issued Order to Kill China Smugglers to Block Coronavirus

North Korea closed its borders in January in an attempt to prevent the virus — now fueling a pandemic affected nearly every nation on earth — from devastating the impoverished country. Dictator Kim Jong-un has insisted since the pandemic began that his nation has documented zero cases of coronavirus within its borders, and continues to […]

Two Russian Surveillance Aircraft Conduct Flight Above Northern Neutral Waters, Navy Says

Fighter jets of foreign armed forces were shadowing the Russian aircraft at separate junctures during the flight, as stated in the press release. The navy emphasized that the flights were conducted in full compliance with the international regulations on the use of airspace.

Japan’s Shinzo Abe to visit Mar-a-Lago to discuss North Korea with Trump

“The two leaders will discuss the international campaign to maintain maximum pressure on North Korea in advance of President Trump’s planned meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. President Trump and Prime Minister Abe will explore ways to expand fair and reciprocal trade and investment ties between the United States and Japan, two of […]

Sigourney Weaver, 70, does her OWN underwater stunts while wearing motion capture dots in behind-the-scenes snaps from Avatar sequels

‘I had to learn how to free-dive to play that role in Avatar, and that was just incredible. My longest breath hold was seven minutes and 14 seconds, like crazy, crazy stuff,’ Kate dished to The Hollywood Reporter. 

North Korea’s military action against South likely “postponed, not canceled,” analysts warn

The North has a history of dialing up pressure against the South when it fails to get what it wants from the United States. The North’s recent steps came after months of frustration over Seoul’s unwillingness to defy U.S.-led sanctions and restart the inter-Korean economic projects that would breathe life into its broken economy.

Trump “optimistic” North Korea will give up nuclear weapons

The problem with North Korea is not talking or reaching agreements, but rather it is North Korea’s history of breaking those deals and advancing its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. As such, the U.S. and South Korea said Tuesday the prospect of talks with the North will stop joint military exercises due to begin […]