Wage proposal made to facilitate upswing

“Compliance with local regulations, including the minimum wage, is our first priority when doing business in Vietnam. However, companies are facing plenty of problems due to the pandemic including shrinking sales as orders drop, mounting inventories, bank interests, and storage costs. More importantly, none of us know when the situation will improve. Panasonic is not […]

Indian Non-profits can now accept donations via Donorbox

Donorbox has some advanced features like fast checkout, marketing your campaign with Donorbox donation platform, safety and security, integrating with your favorite apps, tax, legal, and donor management which collects addresses, phone numbers so that you can communicate with them smoothly for upcoming projects and events. There is also a separate and unique section called […]

We need to talk about emulation

That’s not emulation’s fault, but the widespread acceptance that old games have no value and can be freely passed around is a major barrier to solving that problem. When the Internet Arcade was launched, it was reportedly serving 1000 games per minute. That’s an amazing figure, if true. It is truly brilliant technology. Yet what […]