Where traditional games play a vital role

Sometimes the school would give each square the name of a planet, using it as a method to teach the students. “In child development we talk about seven senses – apart from the five senses we talk of the sense of balance and body position. Some children are hyperactive and cannot be made to sit […]

Best PlayStation VR games 2020: the PSVR games you need to play

There’s nothing quite like the scale of Skyrim in VR, with 100s of hours of RPG gaming letting you explore a huge map filled with secrets, quests and dragons to fell. Whether standing at the foot of a mountain or going toe-to-toe with a troll, the presence VR adds to the world is superb. Even […]

How you can help researchers fight COVID-19 by playing a game

The best thing most of us can do to fight COVID-19 is to stay at home, but if you have a computer, and are in the mood for puzzles, you could play Foldit, a free game—in existence since 2008—that helps scientists design drugs to combat diseases. Dr David Baker, a professor of biochemistry—along with his […]

UL’s schedule focus now acquiring home games over quest to play all 12

Theoretically, other options for Sun Belt schools with openings are: Tulsa was to play Northwestern State on Sept. 19 and Rice had Lamar on Sept. 26. Stephen F. Austin is scheduled to play SMU on Sept. 12, but the Lumberjacks intend to play.

Games of the Generation: Horizon Zero Dawn gave us an instant fan-favorite in Aloy

From the beautiful landscapes to the engaging combat Horizon Zero Dawn has a little something for everyone. It’s not perfect, sometimes the open world can feel a little empty, the side quests aren’t up to the quality of something like the Witcher series, and conversations can sometimes feel a little lifeless; but Horizon Zero Dawn […]

Xbox Series X, Series S: List of games launching on Nov 10

Microsoft has to dropped the official launch date and pricing of its upcoming next-generation gaming consoles — Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S as November 10. The more powerful Xbox Series X will be priced at Rs 49,990, while the cheaper Xbox Series S is priced at Rs 34,990. Although both the consoles are […]

The best Mac games (September 2020)

Mark of the Ninja: Remastered gives the original game a visual overhaul, swapping out the 720p resolution for 4K, with assets redone so they’ll look gorgeous on your screen. It’s available as a $5 upgrade if you own the original version. Once you’ve beaten the main story, you can try out the New Game Plus […]

Indian Air Force game will give you a feel of flying Rafale fighter jets

The excitement around Rafale fighters is at an all time high with five Rafale fighter jets landing at the Indian Air Force base in Ambala, Haryana. The twin-engine multi-role combat aircraft developed by French aircraft manufacturer Dassault is capable of a range of combat roles including ground support, aerial reconnaissance, interception, in-depth strikes and nuclear […]

Urging game designers to create nuanced characters

With the Master Chief character, the main protagonist in the “Halo” first-person shooter series, boys have a cool, stoic hero to admire, yet he is still “self aware and emotionally nuanced,” she said. “What’s more empowering than fighting and conquering your fears?”

New Ubisoft Forward Game Sale Is Live Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Event

Best deals in Ubisoft Forward SaleAssassin’s Creed Animus Pack — $121.90 ($530)Assassin’s Creed II — $6.80 ($20)Assassin’s Creed III Remastered — $20 ($40)Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag — $6.60 ($20)Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood — $6.60 ($20)Assassin’s Creed – Ezio Auditore Pack — $17.40 ($60)Assassin’s Creed Odyssey — $18 ($60)Assassin’s Creed Origins — $12 ($60)Assassin’s Creed Revelations […]