How ‘Home Before Dark’ is Anonymous Content’s Bid to Put Social Impact Front and Center

“These kids have lockdown drills and walkouts in elementary school,” she tells Variety. “And I actually think helicopter parenting is not helping them, and that if we can figure out a way to collectively share the burden of that news, and be honest with them and talk to them… with as much respect as we […]

Tough times ahead for climate protesters during corona pandemic

Climate crisis slogans with punch ‘March now or swim later’ The founder of the school strike protests, Greta Thunberg, joined a demo in Hamburg on March 1, just a few weeks after she told business and political leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos: “I want you to panic. I want you to feel […]

Ellen Page on Her Environmental Doc’s Timeliness During Coronavirus: “It’s Profit Over People”

The actress said she was moved to make the documentary after reading Waldron’s book and being horrified that she didn’t know about the environmental problems happening in her homeland’s minority communities. She originally thought of just filming short clips to put online before turning the footage into a feature: “This has all been about elevating […]

‘The Etruscan Smile’ Debuts, ‘Gay Chorus Deep South’ Sings Into Theaters While ‘The Portal’ And ‘Inside Game’ Open – Specialty B.O. Preview

“The youth of the world are deeply resonating with this film and we feel it is through this vocal and proactive generation, the Greta Thunbergs of the world, who deeply care about their future and the future of the planet, could be the key to this film reaching the masses,” he said. “We did specifically […]