Report Warns Of Dire Consequences If Lawmakers Lift Electric Vehicle Tax Credits

GM is one of several auto companies, including Tesla, that is seeking an extension of tax credits for those purchasing electric vehicles. The company helped create the so-called EV Drive Coalition on Nov. 13 as many automakers approach the cap of 200,000 vehicles per manufacturer before the credits phase out.

Chilcot report: Tony Blair’s Iraq War case not justified

And Karen Thornton, whose son Gunner Lee Thornton died in 2006 after being shot while on patrol in Iraq, told BBC Radio 4’s Today that she wanted Mr Blair to face war crimes charges if it was proved he had lied. “I think the people who lied should be held to account for what they […]

The Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by Facebook – Trump to Democratic negotiators: ‘They know my phone number’

➔ Urban unrest: In Chicago on Monday, hundreds of people swept through the Magnificent Mile and other parts of downtown while some smashed windows and looted stores after midnight, carrying shopping bags filled with merchandise and confronting police — at one point exchanging gunfire with officers, authorities said. At least 100 people were arrested. Chicago […]

Report: Progressives Prepare To Take Over Courts If Biden Wins

“You’ve got to make it a priority,” said People for the American Way executive director Marge Baker. “The reason Trump has over 200 nominees is because they made it a priority, both in terms of getting the nominations to the Senate, but also made it a Senate priority.”

Trump and the George Wallace Tradition of Foreign Policy

The two men could not have been much different in background. Wallace grew up on a farm in Alabama, and though he was by no means ignorant, he was and remained provincial, and was an authentic representative of the crackers he led. Trump grew up rich, somehow acquired the worldview of people far below his […]

Progressive Jewish group endorses Biden

“Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC is endorsing Joe Biden for President in the same week we remember Heather Heyer, who was murdered by white nationalists three years ago, because we know Biden will make the fight against this dangerous movement a top priority,” he said.

Israel closes Gaza crossing after Palestinians launch incendiary balloons

Gaza is run by Hamas, an Islamist group that Israel and the West designate a terrorist organization. Citing security concerns, Israel maintains tight control over its land and sea borders. Egypt also restricts movement in and out of Gaza.

Iran nuclear deal at risk as U.N. council prepares to vote on arms embargo

Even though U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration quit the accord in 2018 – with Trump dubbing it “the worst deal ever” – Washington has threatened to use a provision in the agreement to trigger a return of all U.N. sanctions on Iran if the Security Council does not extend the arms embargo indefinitely.

U.N. says Trinidad forcibly deported Venezuelan refugees

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (Reuters) – The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) on Monday criticized what it called the forced deportation of 82 Venezuelan asylum seekers by Trinidad and Tobago that the Caribbean country’s government insisted was voluntary.

Rise in UK Covid cases above 1,000 a day breached government target

Top of the list was keeping the caseload below 1,000 confirmed infections a day. “Decreasing daily incidence of symptomatic cases in all regions across the UK until the target acceptable incidence is reached, then incidence kept below that target. This target is yet to be specified and needs to be spelt out. We suggest 1,000 […]