Why rich students get more financial aid than poor ones

From 2014 to 2017, non-need aid, or merit aid, among colleges grew 37%, compared with need-based aid, which grew 21%, according to a 2020 New America report that examines financial aid among 339 schools. These schools increased their non-need aid from $2.2 billion to nearly $3 billion over this time period.

Liverpool make U-turn on UK virus financial aid

Fellow top-flight teams Tottenham, Newcastle, Bournemouth and Norwich have already furloughed staff, but it was Liverpool — who made pre-tax profits of £42 million for the 2018-19 season — that came in for the most criticism, in part due to their reputation as a club with a strong bond to the working-class community on Merseyside.

Colleges suffering huge financial blows from pandemic

Other schools are postponing campus maintenance and asking faculty to cancel future travel, but some say layoffs are unavoidable. At Miami University in Ohio, which is bracing for a 20% drop in new students, officials are drafting plans that would cut half or all of the school’s visiting assistant professors.

UPDATE 1-IMF sees coronavirus-induced global downturn ‘way worse’ than financial crisis

“HUMANITY’S DARKEST HOUR” Emerging markets and developing economies have been hard hit by the crisis, Georgieva said, noting that nearly $90 billion in investments had already flowed out of emerging markets, far more than during the financial crisis. Some countries are also suffering from sharp drops in commodity prices.

Australia must help Pacific neighbours fight coronavirus, aid groups say

Lyn Morgain, the chief executive of Oxfam Australia, said she was gravely worried for the millions living in refugee camps across the globe, where self-isolation and social-distancing protocols were “completely unrealistic” and any outbreak “would spread like wildfire”.

UEFA explores financial rule changes due to pandemic impact

Now such injections of cash from investors could be necessary to maintain the financial health of clubs. Some clubs, including 2019 Champions League finalist Tottenham, are benefiting from tax payer aid with some non-playing staff furloughed using a British government scheme that pays wages.

F1 team Mercedes to deliver 10,000 breathing aids to the NHS to help care for coronavirus patients

CPAP machines help to keep patients’ airways open and increase the amount of oxygen entering the lungs by pushing air and oxygen into the mouth and nose at a continuous rate. UK-based Formula One teams are also helping to produce thousands of ventilators desperately needed by the country’s National Health Service.

SAG-AFTRA Foundation Passes $1 Million Mark In COVID-19 Aid To Members In Need

“We appreciate your patience as we’re working very hard to help even more people as quickly as we can,” Vance said on the video, urging “members who can get by for two months to wait to apply so we can prioritize those who need help right now.”

Washington state lawmakers press Boeing to accept aid

The lawmakers also asked Boeing to provide information on if they expect to apply for the financial assistance provided by the relief package, if they will eliminate layoffs, if they will change cleaning practices and if they will assist suppliers and industry jobs that the company supports.

Prince Andrew’s former aide quits Pitch business role

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