President Donald Trump Slams Los Angeles Laker LeBron James: “He’s A Hater”

Following a severe takedown by Outkick the Coverage columnist Jason Whitlock on Friday in which he called James a “Black Donald Trump,” and claimed he “is every bit as crude, undignified and inarticulate as our sitting president,” the actual President Trump weighed in Friday with equally damning remarks.

Brilliance from Jimmy Butler who outduels LeBron James, Heat force Game 6

LeBron and the Lakers had a chance. LeBron drove the lane and made the right basketball play, kicking out to a wide-open Danny Green at the three-point line — Miami was okay with that. Green missed, Los Angeles got the offensive rebound but Markieff Morris threw a pass out of bounds, and it was all […]

LeBron James Denounces Violence Against Cops, Never Called For Revenge Attacks

“But, I also know what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong, and I grew up in the inner city in a Black community in what we call the hood or the ghetto, however you want to picture it. And, I’ve seen a lot of counts first hand of a lot of Black people […]

LeBron James’ decision to pass to Danny Green brings out Twitter critics

Good look, good shot. Folks won’t Bron to shoot over 3 people bc he arguably the 🐐 . He made the right play. Did I want him to shoot over 3 folks. Yes lol. But He good enough to score over a couple guys but wired to make smart plays and that’s a high% uncontested […]

Former US President Obama applauds LeBron’s leadership

The 16-time All-Star became the first National Basketball Association (NBA) player in history to claim the Finals MVP award with three different franchises on Sunday, after the Lakers defeated the Miami Heat 4-2 in the best-of-seven series.

LeBron savors new route to Finals as Lakers’ wait ends

“For me personally the job is not done,” James said. “For us as a franchise, I’m extremely proud to be a part of this franchise getting back to where it belongs and that’s playing for championships and competing for championships, representing the Western Conference this year in the championships. So, this is what I came […]

Twitter reacts to Dodgers’ World Series win: Shock over Turner’s COVID test; Giants fans bemused

On the Dodgers’ account, legendary broadcaster Vin Scully urged fans to celebrate responsibly. “I know you want to celebrate like everybody else,” Scully says in a recorded message. “But let’s do it properly. Let’s do it the way the Dodgers did — with pride in themselves and pride in our great city.”

Warriors’ Draymond Green last voted in 2008. Why he’s vowing to turn out for 2020 election

This counts as a striking turnaround. Then-Clippers head coach Doc Rivers estimated this summer that only about 20% of NBA players voted in the 2016 election. More than 90% of players now are registered to vote in Tuesday’s election, according to Chris Paul, the players’ association president.

Danny Green to Lakers’ fans on Game 5 miss: ‘No, I don’t owe you an apology’

“You know human nature of fans, they’re just very emotional. They take the game very serious and they see us as performers and if we’re not performing the way we’re supposed to then we’re supposed to apologize for it. No, I don’t owe you an apology. Whether I played sh**** or not. You’re not my […]

Dodgers Postponing Championship Parade over Coronavirus Concerns

“There are a few things that comprise our DNA in L.A.: sand, sunshine, the Lakers and Dodger blue,” Garcetti lamely exclaimed. “To have two of them come through, to give us the joy we so badly need this year, is really exceptional.”