Beauty And Stillness At Life Wellness Center In Bed-Stuy

Community is a priority for Tudor. Hers is one of many of the area’s Black-owned businesses committed to supporting one another. Her retail showcases small Black-owned brands looking to grow. The staff at Brooklyn Kettle, the coffee shop around the corner, keep an eye on the center when she’s not around. An owner at peace […]

World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) 2020: Recognising Symptoms Of Suicidal Behavior

Excessive sadness or moodiness, mood swings and unexpected anger Feeling a sense of hopelessness and loneliness Making a will or giving away personal possessions Avoiding social interactions Searching for means of doing personal harm Eating too little or eating too much Engaging in reckless behaviours Excessive alcohol or drug consumption Showing signs of extreme anxiousness […]

Audit: State failing vulnerable kids on mental health care

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A new state audit says Oregon is failing to make sure vulnerable children and families are receiving needed mental health care through the Oregon Health Plan, even as taxpayers give millions of dollars in performance bonuses to healthcare administration companies.

Parents and other caregivers are more stressed and in poorer health due to pandemic, report finds

Stay active while social distancing. Exercise is a proven stress reducer. Focus on getting a good night’s sleep. No one can remain calm when sleep deprived. Try and keep a regular routine. Establish a set time to rise, eat, exercise and sleep. Make lists of chores, errands and tasks and assign them to household members. […]

Police Officers Pair With Mental Health Clinicians In Franklin To Prevent Tragedy

“There are statistics which most practitioners believe are underwhelming that seven to 10 percent of police encounters involve someone with a mental health condition. My experience is that it’s closer to 50, 60 percent,” said program director Sarah Abbott.

Startup soars, providing in-house health care in the time of the coronavirus pandemic

“Covid accelerated a trend that had already begun, which is a shift from institutional brick-and-mortar urgent care to the home setting,” according to Julian Harris, a Ready board member. “It’s impressive to see the organization rise to the challenge of providing care in the most difficult of times, in places and to populations that other […]

eSanjeevani: Telemedicine service platform completes 3 lakh consultations, says Health Ministry

New Delhi: Union Health Ministry’s telemedicine service platform ‘eSanjeevani’ has completed three lakh teleconsultations till now. The platform supports two types of telemedicine services — doctor-to-doctor through eSanjeevani and patient-to-doctor through eSanjeevani OPD, said an official statement on Tuesday. 

Scott Atlas, pandemic adviser to Trump, slammed by Stanford health experts

Dozens of Stanford Medical School faculty members signed an open letter this week denouncing Dr. Scott Atlas — a former Stanford professor now serving as President Trump’s pandemic adviser — saying “many of his opinions and statements run counter to established science.”

Kamala Harris’ new health plan draws critics from all sides

The onslaught offered a preview of the Democrat-on-Democrat fighting that will likely unfold over two nights of presidential debates that begin on Tuesday. It left Harris back in the uncomfortable spot she’s been for months: explaining herself on health care. Campaigning on Monday in Detroit, she praised Medicare for All’s chief architect,

Sweden’s Public Health Director Explains Why Lack of Lockdown Was a Success

Throughout the pandemic, experts have warned mixed public health messages have the potential to dampen efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19. In the U.S., the polarization of the pandemic has led to confusion among the public on a wide variety of topics, including schools reopening and mask wearing. In the U.K. on Wednesday, the […]