Guam boy, 10, dies as Covid outbreak threatens country’s health system

The 1,156 infections from the ship are not counted in Guam’s domestic total, but Guam officials have publicly detailed nearly 250 military-linked cases on the island, including 35 airmen who went to local restaurants, raising concerns about military personnel as vectors for the virus.

Analysis: China’s rise takes the world into uncharted waters

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is building ports, railways and other infrastructure across not just Asia but also Africa and elsewhere in the developing world. Less welcome is China’s growing presence in the South China Sea, where it chases away the fishing boats of its Southeast Asian neighbors and has built artificial islands to stake […]

With China in mind, Abe departs with military pact with India

Abe’s speech in Parliament in August 2007 during his first term wherein he proposed the Indo-Pacific construct and partnership across the region based on the confluence of two seas and ushered in the Asia-Africa Growth Corridor with India as a key partner amid Beijings BRI and Maritime Silk Route initiatives still reverberate in Indian minds.