Hate working from home? Here’s how to make it better

“Turn your brain off. Sometimes to be creative you need to stop thinking about what you are supposed to be working on,” said Glickman. “Building those breaks into your schedule where you actually do something other than work — you can do that during the day now.”

Coursera to allow remote working till January 2022, offers $1,000 allowance for ‘office setup’

“We’ll continue to listen to and work with employees to solve other challenges that come up, starting with a focus on wellness, promoting the use of our flexible vacation policy, and workshops to help managers lead remote teams effectively,” said Jacquet.

Remote learning is costing parents a fortune

Even though he plans to oversee the learning at home himself, Andino said he has invested $1,300 in new equipment and supplies to replicate what his daughter would have in a first grade classroom. He got her a new desk and a semester’s worth of markers, crayons, scissors and other materials, as well as an […]

Coronavirus testing at airports only catches 7% of cases and ‘doesn’t work’ says Matt Hancock

Coronavirus testing programme at Heathrow Airport could enable passengers from certain countries to exit the mandatory 14-day quarantine period early

Working parents face backlash

“We have to put the mental health and wellbeing of our people front and center like never before. The environment is placing even greater demands on employers, many of whom are stepping in to fill the gaps our people are faced with — for example, parents of school-aged children who are juggling work and distance […]

Column: Remote work is here to stay. Here’s how to make it work

The kids? The kids are alright. But they’re young and unsuspecting of the rather dark side of the digital economy built by us. They will leave more of their footprints online. The cameras will be on more than ever before. The emails, instant messages, and even whispers in your drawing room will be read, heard, […]

Windham, NH High School Goes Remote, Sports Suspended After Students Contract COVID-19

“We will take anything over what we had [last year],” said Nadeen Hernandez, the mother of a rising freshman who planned on trying out for the volleyball team. “I still went out and bought pads. We are still preparing. We still practiced last night. So we are just going to go on as if we […]

Path Of Exile Witch guide: beginner build for Necromancer

Raise Zombie – raises a zombie from a nearby corpse. Needs corpses to function Deathmark Support – allows your minions to target specific enemies and deal extra damage to marked target Feeding Frenzy Support – makes minions more aggressive, also giving chance to get damage and speed buffs on hit Minion Damage Support – increases […]

The Sputnik Intelligent Punter’s Guide to the 2020-1 Football Season

WOLVES Odds: 225-1. With consecutive 7th place finishes Nuno Espirito Santo has done a great job in making Wolves a real force to be reckoned with at the highest level. Last season’s efforts were arguably even more impressive than the year before as Wolves had to juggle Premier League football with Europa League commitments.  The […]

‘Guiding principle’: Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry reveals she has named baby number four Creed

She already has three older boys: Isaac Rivera, 10, whom she welcomed on Teen Mom with her ex Jo Rivera, Lincoln Marroquin, six, whom she shares with her ex Javi Marroquin, and Lux Lowry, two, whom she shares with her ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez, who is also the father of the new bundle of joy.