Iran Vote to Push Nuclear Deal Limits After Scientist Assassinated Won’t Hurt Future US Talks, Experts Say

“The best way to do it would be to do it in a parallel process whereby both sides announced their intention to return to this deal, and that they’re going to begin to take steps to do so,” Johnson told Newsweek, “signaling strongly what those steps are going to be so that the markets know, […]

European and US experts question UK’s fast-track of Covid vaccine

“We could have chosen that way too, but we consciously decided against it,” Spahn said. The EMA approval process, expected to be completed by the end of the month, was a “more comprehensive one” and was necessary “in order to strengthen citizens’ confidence in the vaccine”, he said, adding that a short delay between approval […]

Intl cooperation sets tone for China’s relations with world

Over the past few years, China, in contrast to the United States and some large European countries, has improved its international reputation and its influence on the world stage thanks not only to its free medical care (medical masks, medical supplies), but also thanks to the creation of its own vaccines against the new coronavirus […]

Money still pours into real estate

Overall, credit in the first three quarters of this year was low, but real estate credit still posted a fairly good growth. In comparison with the real estate credit outstanding balance of VND521.82 trillion in 2019, which accounted for 6.37 percent of the industry’s credit, real estate credit outstanding balance reached more than VND526.39 trillion […]

Lab-grown ‘chicken’ meat made without slaughtering any animals will go on sale in Singapore after gaining world-first regulatory approval

The team concluded that — if the demand for land for meat production could be drastically lowered — vegetation regrowth in these locations could help to sequester around 9–16 year’s worth of fossil fuel emissions by the middle of century.

‘Rough Times’ Ahead: What You Should Know as the World Waits for a Vaccine

Will we still have to wear face masks and socially distance after people start getting vaccines?  Yes — at least initially. As Fauci has said repeatedly since April, “It’s not going to be a light switch” where one day the pandemic is suddenly over and everything is back to normal. Part of that is because […]

Sinaloa Cartel Is ‘Not Dead’ But ‘Thriving’ Despite El Chapo Being Jailed In US, Says Expert

But Mr Creechan said: “I do not think that the indictment and charges ever intended to say that he was the only “boss” of the cartel. Was he a capo who gave orders and directed criminal activity? Definitely! Was he proven to be the real boss of the cartel? – that question did not have to […]

Our right to build dam on Brahmaputra, says China as experts warn of impact

“As a major downstream dam on the lower reaches of the Yarlung Tsangpo, this is surely an important development but also something that has been speculated for quite some time now. China’s position as an upper riparian allows it extensive leverage over the Himalayan waters and in recent years, China’s dam-building and water-diversion projects, coupled […]

The Real Facebook Oversight Board’ launches. Why an external team is building it?

It added that the board will continue to demand Zuckerberg take responsibility for Facebook’s actions. And members will issue clear, achievable demands, and ask Facebook to implement them. They will hold live streaming debates, expert interviews and victim testimonials.

Planeception: This person flew transatlantic in Flight Sim while taking the same flight in real life

Ismail flew across the Atlantic, posting regular updates on a long thread that you can read unrolled here. The account shows just how remarkably close Flight Sim manages to match the real flight: shortly after takeoff Ismail notes the “Clouds entry was seconds apart, climbing out of them was maybe 30-ish seconds difference. Wild.”