Kylie Jenner raises the temperature with steamy snaps while self-isolating

The 22-year-old billionaire make-up mogul is self-isolating at her home in the gated community of Hidden Hills in the eastern suburbs of Los Angeles but that hasn’t stopped her slaying the internet with another sultry pic.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s political message is buried under blockbuster bravado

Eventually, you discover the Wolf is not located in the house, but in a series of tunnels underneath the building. You chase him down there, and the game switches from tense military thriller to full-blown action flick. Anything that moves that’s not your partner, Urzikstan freedom fighter and US ally Farah, is fair game. You’re […]

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I want to be chilling with Sonia Sotomayor, wearing gold hoop earrings with a big old FU.’ How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez vows she’ll never run for president in new biography

Asked about running for President in 2028 when she would be 35, the Democratic socialist said, ‘Never. I want to be Bernie Sanders but never run for president. I want to be the kooky old lady who brings her cats to the floor of Congress and says, ‘Here’s the right thing to do.’

Stranger Things season 4 trailer confirms Hopper’s fate as Netflix begins production

As the camera pans between the beleaguered prisoners, it eventually settles on one prisoner who raises his head and removes his hat, revealing an alive Jim Hopper with his hair closely shaven before the trailer cuts to black.

The Real Housewives Are (Barely) Surviving Their Quarantines: ‘I Haven’t Had Hard Food in 10 Days’

She’s been doing her best to keep up a semblance of a routine—showering every morning, doing her hair and makeup, “putting on my Ageless by Ramona, which keeps me looking good and healthy”—but after 10 days in a row of wearing nothing but workout clothes and a bathing suit and coverup, she broke and put […]

The US government should disclose how it’s using location data to fight the coronavirus

They’re right. Android and iOS could, and should, add and roll out privacy-preserving, interoperable, TraceTogether-like functionality at the OS level (or Google Play Services level, to split fine technical hairs.) Granted, this means relying on corporate surveillance, which makes all of us feel uneasy. But at least it doesn’t mean creating a whole new surveillance […]

Breakthrough study overturns theory of ‘junk DNA’ in genome

The project has identified about 10,000 stretches of DNA, which the Encode scientists have called non-coding genes, that do not make proteins but, instead, a type of RNA – the single-stranded equivalent of DNA. There are many types of RNA molecule in cells, each with a specific role such as carrying messages or transcribing the […]

The Anarchists vs. the Islamic State

Hitching rides around Rojava, I was appalled by the environmental degradation. The most educated people throw their garbage directly out the window, and flattened trash accumulates like leaf litter in the forest. They don’t have a proper oil refinery, so caustic black exhaust wafts over the streets in visible strata. The only animals are dreadlocked […]