Trump’s Covid failure is top of Wisconsin Democrats’ minds

Now, while the state’s response to the coronavirus does not entirely fall on the shoulders of the President, he bears some responsibility for setting an example for the American people on how to respond to the threats posed by the virus. Since June, Trump has visited Wisconsin at least five times. He has hosted three […]

Gloria Estefan reveals she offered to ‘carry the gay flag’ for daughter Emily before she came out in emotional Red Table Talk: The Estefans

The next stage of life: The Rosie O’Donnell Show ran for six seasons and won her five Daytime Emmys before she stepped back to spend more time with her children

Virtual reality powered by … our minds? ’10 years from now, it will seem obvious’

EyeMynd is not alone in the quest to bring brainwave-based technology to market. Companies such as Emotiv and NeuroSky have released EEG headsets, intended for scientific use. Others are pursuing marketing and advertising applications, and some analytics companies already offer analysis of data from VR sensors as a way of tracking the response to ads. […]

HBO Max proves your ISP can make a streaming offer you can’t refuse

But HBO Max is a new breed of competitor. For HBO Max, AT&T’s 14.05 million internet customers are now predisposed to become its subscribers, thanks to AT&T’s safe haven for data overages. AT&T has set HBO Max a 50 million subscriber target by 2025. At the end of March 2020, Netflix had almost 70 million […]

Best Prime Day Apple deals 2020: The best offers you can still shop

Editors’ Recommendations Best Black Friday Apple Watch Deals 2020: What to expect Best Black Friday deals 2020: Sales to shop now Target Prime Day sale: The best deals end tonight Best Black Friday Robot Vacuum Deals 2020: What to expect Prime Day is almost over — shop these deals while you still can

San Francisco Company Offers Rent Guarantee to Small Landlords

Zumper will only cover apartments that are less than 110% of the median market rate or around $4,000 a month. The tenant has to have a credit score of 650 or higher, an income of three times the monthly rent and no history of evictions to qualify for coverage.

Review: Netflix debuts two solid German offerings with

Unfortunately, after a very strong first half, Freaks falls prey to some predictable turns, because—let’s face it—even if the term “mutants” is never used, we’ve seen some version of this story countless times before. We know the beats. That said, I liked the dry humorous touches, and the film’s muted, bittersweet conclusion, which successfully avoids […]

‘A Suitable Boy’ review: A lavish, if predictable offering from Mira Nair

The script by Andrew Davies was for eight episodes. Nair whittled it down to six episodes and the narrative has not suffered for it. In an interview with this writer, Nair said she shifted the focus from merely being about who Lata would marry to also talking about the politics of the time. And so […]

Hall of Famer Tony Stewart offers his take on various topics

“Look at Martin Truex Jr. Martin has been around this sport for a long time. One variable changed in the equation and all of a sudden Martin is a championship-caliber driver, so I laugh and I make fun of all the organizations that are looking for these super young kids that are kids. Some of them don’t […]

Metrics of world happiness and the Muslims of India

Mr. Bhagwat has repeatedly said that Muslims are equal citizens of this country while Hindutva has been historically making a distinction between indigenous religions and Abrahamic religions. His statement of Hindus not having any superior status in the Constitution is not only consistent with the vision of the Constitution but also signifies abandoning the idea […]