Jason Isaacs’ secret drug addiction after getting hooked at 16

“I remember there being a moment, not long before I got clean, when it suddenly occurred to me that if everybody I knew died, literally every single person, I probably wouldn’t mind that much. In fact, I might like it because then it would be an excuse to sit in a room by myself and […]

‘Total, complete shock’: Over $77,000 raised to save historic Bay Area movie theater

With the generous contributions came heartfelt stories. People shared memories of visiting the theater with their grandparents, of attending screenings of “Harry Potter,” “The Big Lebowski,” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” dressed in full costume. They walked down the red carpet and drank champagne during the Vine’s annual Oscars parties, and belted out to […]

Groupon revamps UK deals site in bid to become retail marketplace

Groupon investors have been on a rollercoaster ride since the company floated in New York in 2011. The initial success of the novel daily deals idea fuelled stratospheric sales growth and propelled the shares to $26 (then £16), but its ensuing disappointing financial performance – it is expected to be loss-making this year – means […]