Family’s independent autopsy of Quawan ‘Bobby’ Charles echoes official account of death

The teen’s family commissioned the independent autopsy in search of answers after they say law enforcement did not take their concerns seriously on Oct. 30 when they reported Bobby missing from his father’s Baldwin home in St. Mary Parish and did not openly communicate what happened in the days after his body was discovered on […]

Biden on Harris’s historic vice-presidency: ‘Don’t tell me it’s not possible’

President TrumpDonald TrumpIran convicts American businessman on spying charge: report DC, state capitals see few issues, heavy security amid protest worries Pardon-seekers have paid Trump allies tens of thousands to lobby president: NYT MORE did not accept the election results and promised to mount legal challenges in various states.

Family-of-five left without heating or hot water for 10 days in freezing weather

“Leaving any tenant without heating and hot water for an extended period is just not acceptable to us and we let Jessica and Luke down. The key for us now is getting things resolved for Jessica and Luke and looking at what went wrong in the process so that we can put it right in […]

Judge tried to bribe FBI agent with beer to get family’s text messages

JONES asked the FBI Officer what he thought was a fair number, stating, “You tell me, I’m serious.” JONES confirmed that he did not want the FBI Officer to only obtain and deliver the text messages as a favor by stating, “No, no, no, You’ve had to take time, and I’m glad to do something. […]

Family of Bernadette Walker ‘baffled’ by disappearance and ‘hope she comes back’ despite parents charged with murder

“Therefore my plea is for anyone who has information on what has happened to her, or where she might be, to get in touch as a matter of urgency.”

The family as a microcosm of the nation

Tapan Sinha’s Galpa Holeo Satyi (1966) is about one such selfless individual, Dhananjay (Rabi Ghosh), trying to bring a semblance of peace to a joint family where the individuals can’t stand each other. At one level, the dysfunctional family represents the inability of the Indian joint family system to accommodate varied aspirations of its individuals […]

Michelle Obama wows with jaw-dropping beach photo to mark special occasion

But then, “right around five o’clock, everybody comes out of their nooks,” and it’s time for puzzles and cards. “Puzzles have become big,” she added, explaining they had a designated table that permanently has a puzzle on the go.

Goldie Hawn reveals moment she fell in love with Kurt Russell – and it involves Kate and Oliver Hudson!

“We shared a room and I remember I had Annie sheets and you had Star Wars sheets. And we were sleeping and mum said he walked in and saw us and she unexpectedly thought he was going to just peek in, but he sat down next to us.

Feature: Cuban couple impressed by China’s fight against COVID-19

Working for Hebei International Studies University, the Cuban couple has lived in the capital city of north China’s Hebei Province since 2018. They are under home quarantine after two rounds of nucleic acid tests, following control measures due to recent local coronavirus infections.

State-by-state breakdown of COVID cases, deaths and vaccine rollout: 100,000 Americans are expected to die in next month but cases and hospitalizations ARE slowing across some states – as Fauci says plan to vaccinate 100m in 100 days ‘will work’

There is no evidence that the new variant causes more severe illness or is transmitted differently, and mask wearing and other precautions still work, the CDC said. Scientists have also expressed confidence that the vaccines are still effective against it.