Nobody Knows Why New York’s Murder Rate Has Risen. Bill de Blasio Is Using It to Demagogue.

This back-and-forth has characterized the mayor’s rocky relationship with city law enforcement — vacillating wildly between rhetorical condemnation and sanction of their indefensible conduct, all while officers and union officials show him the utmost contempt. It’s especially incongruous given the bloated policing budgets and expanded gang databases that have marked his tenure and granted police broader […]

Real Housewives Of New York City season 12 reunion is currently being taped in-person at the luxurious Oheka Castle on Long Island

Last week Cohen shared the news on his SiriusXM radio show that the RHONY reunion would be face to face: ‘It is looking like we will be doing our RHONY reunion in person,’ but made sure to note: ‘There are a lot of protocols.’

Knicks bring Tom Thibodeau back to New York as new coach

Thibodeau will try to bring back the defensive intensity that the Knicks were known for in the 1990s. His teams twice led the league in fewest points per game allowed in his eight seasons as head coach and ranked in the top 10 three other times.

James Cracknell puts safety first as he wears a face mask while heading to a salon to have his hair cut in London

Having worked with the charity Headway UK – the UK-wide organisation working to improve life after brain injury – James added: ‘‪I want to give a heartfelt thanks for people’s support of @headway_uk & me yesterday.‬ Thank you & take care‬!’  

Rhode Island is added to list of 34 states required to quarantine for 14 days after arriving in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut – as Washington D.C. and Delaware are removed

‘It was entirely predictable. It’s exponential increase which is what a virus does. It is the exponential pyramid of viral spread. It was a mathematical equation,’ he said.  

Cindy Crawford grabs dinner at Soho House in Malibu with a friend after returning from New York City

Grateful: ’So grateful for the time we’ve had together the last few months. I see your heart and your growth and I’m so proud of you! Excited to see what’s next!’ she concluded

Sun-seekers ignore warnings they’ll be fined for breaking lockdown rules as they head to beaches with temperatures hitting 82F – despite THREE Sage scientists saying we are lifting restrictions too soon

Sir Jeremy, director of the Wellcome Trust and Sage member said in a Twitter post that he ‘agreed with John’ on the clear science advice, appearing to reference Sage colleague Professor John Edmunds, who said on Friday the Government was ‘taking risks’ by relaxing measures from Monday.

Schools will defy the Government’s promise to have children back ‘full time’ in September by only re-opening until lunchtime, heads warn

Adding to the potential confusion for parents, some teaching unions are still not backing any form of September reopening. The head of the National Education Union Dr Mary Bousted urged schools to ignore ‘threatening noises’ from the Government and refuse to reopen if they feel is it unsafe.

Juventus Sacks Head Coach Maurizio Sarri

Juve coach Sarri led the team before the start of the 2019/20 season, having only won one trophy at that point – a victory with Chelsea in the Europa League (2019). Under the leadership of Sarri, Juventus managed to win the Serie A championship by one point, but in the Italian Cup final, the team […]

Top 10 budget restaurants, cafes and pubs in York

El Piano If there was one serious oversight in my original 2009 “budget eats” guide, it was not paying full due respect to this vegan veteran. Its soups, dhals, top-ranking falafel, hummus and tinas (fried carrot patties of remarkable ersatz-creaminess; it’s the coconut milk apparently), are the stuff of local legend and tasty enough to […]