TALK TIME: I am speaking, she said. But is anyone listening?

I am not a fan of Kamala Harris, but even her most ardent admirer agrees that her debate with Mike Pence was a damp squib, when it should have sparkled and sizzled. Despite her insipid performance, it was the stupendous impact of that one powerpacked line — “I am speaking!” — which will go down […]

He’s About To Be The First Openly Gay Black Member Of Congress — And He’s Talking About Mental Health Like Few Politicians Ever Have

“We’re gonna move legislation in 2021, like, laws are going to be passed. And if progressives want a seat at the table, you’re going to have to have really specific policy domain knowledge and be able to pick strategic fights,” McElwee said. “There is a necessity to have sort of ideological folks who call us […]

Seth Meyers: Trump Sounds Like Doctor With ‘Massive Head Wound’

“Trump keeps showing a flagrant disregard for human life by holding giant superspreader rallies in hot spots and by pretending that the pandemic is over and that the virus just isn’t that deadly,” Meyers said, playing footage of the president boasting about how “immune” he is and threatening to kiss all the men in the […]

Margaret Brennan On First Presidential Debate: ‘I Would Love Our Country To Have A Serious Conversation About Where We Are Headed’

(CBS Local)– There are 34 days until the 2020 Presidential Election and on Tuesday, President Donald J. Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden met for their first debate. Like many others, Face The Nation host and CBS News foreign correspondent Margaret Brennan thought it was a struggle to watch. With less than five weeks until […]

Indie Troubadour Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy Talks Merle Haggard Tribute Album

Oldham’s voice is not as immediately arresting as Haggard’s, but it has conversational grace – producing appealing melodies never seems to require an ounce of effort – and occasional touches of Appalachian quaver. “All I can do is try to apply the approach that I imagined he had,” Oldham explains. “I thought about some ways […]

Adderton calls for more Gen3 clarity amid team talks

Adderton has been a vocal supporter of cost containment in Supercars over recent seasons, including a stand-off with series officials over control front uprights last year that ultimately saw Garry Rogers Motorsport fall off the grid thanks to a funding shortfall for 2020.

#EndSARS: Inside Buhari’s parley with former heads of state by Femi Adesina

All those who had ruled the country, and who were still alive, turned out for motherland, in the virtual meeting hosted by President Buhari. Imagine the collective weight of age and experience in that room. General Yakubu Gowon, 86, had ruled for nine years. President Olusegun Obasanjo, 83, had led cumulatively as military and civilian […]

ISL Transfer Watch: FC Goa signs James Donachie from Newcastle Jets on loan

Standing tall at 6’5″, Donachie not only brings height to the backline but also the rich experience of having played in the AFC Champions League. The Queensland native has already participated in the competition over five different editions which include each of the last three seasons – all with Melbourne.

These Seniors Were Left Behind When Hurricane Laura Hit. No One Claimed Responsibility.

He and Hempton pulled their old Ford pickup into the driveway, got out, and were stunned to find even more older adults inside. He counted about 30 men and women, stuck in the hot, humid building, surrounded by debris and shattered glass. They were all hungry, thirsty, and alone. Walking through the dark foyer of […]

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman Ride Into the Future on Electric Harleys in ‘Long Way Up’

MCGREGOR: I read this book by Ted Simon, a journalist for The Sunday Times. In the ’70s, he decided to go around the world and write about it. He wasn’t a biker, but he decided the best way to do it would be on a motorbike. So he bought a brand-new Triumph bog standard, not […]