‘There was no child, I told myself’: life and marriage after miscarriage

I found my own solace in science, imagining the expansive universe, the smallness of my situation, and the pain I felt in the suspension of time, movement and sound. Somewhere in another universe, I am five, running to my grandparents’ bed at some ungodly early hour, nestling my curls into my grandmother’s warm chest and […]

Lessons from adolescent animals on staying safe

These comparisons come through in many other different aspects of teen animal behaviour. Across the globe, at this very moment, adolescent birds, reptiles, mammals and fish are confronting the same four challenges. Our teenagers are too – they are inexperienced and probably lack the status and resources of older individuals. They are also awkward when […]

Trump makes extraordinary claim Gov. Cuomo is exaggerating NY’s need for ventilators in wild Hannity interview as the nation’s coronavirus epicenter tops 37,000 cases and hospitals verge on the edge of collapse

Newsom complimented Trump for ‘his focus on treatments’ for the virus and thanked him for sending masks and gloves to California. He said the president was ‘on top of it’ when it came to improving testing and said Trump was aware ‘even before I offered my own insight’ of the state’s need for more testing […]

Who lives and who dies? With ventilators limited amid coronavirus, doctors might face hard choices

Dr. Arthur Jey, an emergency room doctor who works at a Sutter Medical hospital in downtown Sacramento, said there are ongoing discussions about how to ration care at his facility, but if there is a shortage, he plans to also ask patients if they want to be ventilated.

Of ‘covidivorces’ and ‘coronababies’: Life during a lockdown

“In previous crises like the terrorist attacks in France or 9/11 in the U.S., millions of people gathered in solidarity in squares or vigils as people have the desire to find community,” he said in a video call from Paris, speaking from inside a large walk-in closet he had transformed into a makeshift office, away […]

Coronavirus | US tops world in COVID-19 cases, overtaking China and Italy

The impact of the virus has stretched well beyond frontline health workers, with billions trapped in their homes and facing what experts say could be lasting psychological harm.

This is a time for healing and we are all in charge

Right now sport finds itself on hold, which provides a timely opportunity to recalibrate. By closing everything down, Covid-19 has led us all to think more about the things and people we love, and to miss aspects of our lives that we take for granted and, to some degree, have abused. Sport is among them. […]

Coronavirus pandemic | Should we still go shopping (online)?

They are discomfiting and tempting, catnip to boredom and cabin fever. I’d rather look longingly at clothes I am no longer wearing, imagining a time when they are once again a part of my life (parties! work events! restaurants!) than face reality (stories of trauma, hospital shortages, businesses on the brink of bankruptcy).

Cultivating a rice-eating habit amid Coronavirus lockdown

As many families are spending mealtime together, there is a surge of interest in cooking healthy meals. At this time, Jayanthi says they hope to introduce people to native varieties of rice, which are not just healthier, but also better for the planet. “At our 50-acre agricultural land in Manjakudi, near Tanjore, we cultivate close […]

Shopping during coronavirus: five tips for social distancing

3. Only buy the essential things you need It is natural that people worried about potentially being stuck indoors self-isolating for 14 days want to stock up on supplies. However, panic-buying means there can be shortages of food and medical products for people who rely on them. And there are reports of increased food waste […]