Food safety: Scientists warn of health risks in salad packs

Professor Gadi Frankel, from Imperial College London, said there had been recent outbreaks that could specifically be related to pre-packed salads, including a salmonella outbreak in the UK last year traced to imported basil, and an E coli outbreak in the US in 2006 traced to pre-packed baby spinach.

Withings ScanWatch review: health-tracking watch with 30-day battery

The cover glass is made of sapphire, which is the scratch-resistant glass fitted to traditional Swiss watches. The body is stainless steel and weighs 83g, which gives it a feeling of quality alongside the solid-feeling crown on the right side that acts as a digital control for the smart functions. Even the fluoroelastomer (think silicone-rubber-like) […]

Talking robots could be used to combat loneliness and boost mental health in care homes

“When we kicked off the project it was clear that loneliness in older adults was a really big problem that is increasing all the time and one that we were keen to tackle,” Papadopoulos told CNN. “Social care is incredibly stretched and we have an ageing society.”

Loose Women’s Saira Khan sizzles in lingerie shot after revealing mental health struggle

Warning her followers that a six-pack is not always a “sign of a healthy body,” she added: “Some people have gone to extremes to get one. Sometimes they have to virtually starve – that’s not healthy. But a strong core, that allows me to live my life with quality and able to the things I […]

Suddenly single income: ‘If you take a step back and look at it structurally, you become more forgiving’

‘Follow your gut instinct’ While Vivianco’s relationship did not survive, she says financial imbalance was not at the core of the collapse. “It’s got to be a strong, committed relationship before you jump into supporting someone, not only financially but emotionally, psychologically as well,” she says. She would happily financially support someone she loved again. […]

Losers! Asleep! Not achieving! My week of waking up at 4.30am

Midday – Write a column in defence of Karl Stefanovic who has recently been retired from hosting duties on Nine’s Today Show. Most of the column is in CAPS. Walk to local cafe and buy a $11 green smoothie for lunch and try to WhatsApp friends in Asia. No one answers. At cafe journal things […]

Experience: I was a surrogate at 51

The organisation Surrogacy UK said they had never had a surrogate of my age, and that I needed to find a clinic that would work with me as a gestational surrogate. I had gone through the menopause, so the embryo would be implanted in my womb (as opposed to artificially inseminating my own eggs). I emailed 42 clinics and almost all said I […]

How sports science is changing the way the London Marathon is run

And now much of what the elite athletes have learned is being shared with mere mortals. In terms of nutrition, Brewer believes the great breakthrough came in the 1970s, when the running world turned away from high-protein diets. “There was a realisation that carbohydrate, which comes from starch and sugars and is stored in the […]

Pre-washed salad is a dirty trick

Well, obviously, because it looks so fresh and lovely and it’s so clean and convenient, it must be good for you, never mind that it costs a fortune. And because ignorance is bliss. Now, a professor from Imperial College London has gone and ruined it by warning that food-poisoning cases are likely to increase as […]

Gyms, pools and salons to reopen shortly in England

Millie Kendall, from the British Beauty Council, said: “The decision to broaden the scope of available hair and beauty services will allow many more beauty professionals to get back to work, and will also allow customers to benefit from a range of beauty treatments which can be carried out safely for both client and practitioner.