Former Premier League hardman Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock reveals how he ‘died’ on operating table during emergency heart surgery

He added: ‘Harry’s Heroes sent me to a heart surgeon to check everything was alright because I was getting dizzy just running upstairs. I thought, ‘Oh, no, it could be brain trauma after heading too many footballs’. But they found it was from my heart beating too fast, so that was a big wake-up call.’  

Super-fast surgery could soon be offered to one million Britons with a ‘racing heart’ condition that puts them at high risk of a stroke

‘I’d be in bed and suddenly notice my heart beating rapidly – it felt like I’d been for a long, heavy run. When it was at its worst, I was having an attack once a week and they would sometimes last for seven hours. I’d go to work in the morning and my heart would […]

TAVI procedure performed

The procedure was performed last week by a team of doctors comprising Dr. Ravindran, S. Saravanan, Consultant Cardiac Anaesthetist, Kader Sahib Ashraf, Cardiologist, and Shyam Sundar. The patient has recovered well and returned home on Sunday, Dr. Ravindran said.

Bond girl and Avengers star Dame Diana Rigg dies aged 82 after brave cancer battle

In 1994 she was made a Dame by the Queen for her services to drama. Working right up to the end of her life, she won plaudits for her spiky performance on the Channel 5 remake of All Creatures Great And Small.

Girl whose parents offered surrogate mum nearly £8k to have abortion dies aged 8

Rene stated: “What I heard over and over from so many of her doctors was they could never imagine that someone with Seraphina’s level of need could do as well as she did or be as joyful as she was.”

Superstition and medicine

Is there any of us who is not superstitious, to some degree at least? Once as a young physician working in the ICU, I had a spate of deaths, all on bed 3. The nurses on the shift believed the bed was to blame for the deaths, that it was somehow unlucky. They wanted new […]

A toddler tantrum could kill my daughter: Mother is forced to give her three-year-old life-saving CPR on a ‘weekly’ basis due to a rare condition that can cause cardiac arrest when she holds her breath

After being referred to a neuro specialist, Charlie had a series of brain scans, with doctors deciding the best course of action was to perform decompression surgery – to remove bone at the back of her skull and spine to widen the space for her brain stem.

Our daughter, 4, has survived 3 liver transplants & 8 months in hospital – seeing her start school is a dream come true

Biliary Artesia is a rare disease that affects the liver and bile ducts (the bile ducts are a series of thin tubes that go from the liver to the small intestine) Symptoms of the disease appear about two-eight weeks after birth  When an infant/baby has Biliary Atresia, bile flow from the liver to the gallbladder […]

‘I lost a lot of blood’: 7th Heaven alum Beverley Mitchell reveals ‘difficult recovery’ from birth of third child

At the start of her pregnancy, doctors believed Beverley was suffering from placenta accreta, which she says would have meant having an ‘immediate hysterectomy’, and whilst she ended up ‘not having’ the procedure, she was then hit with a skin cancer scare.

Woman who sold handmade bracelets to fund double lung transplant raising money for other patients

First, Gamboa sought a surgeon to perform the transplant in Spain, Brazil and Colombia— opting for places with an abundance of doctors who speak Spanish, which is her first language. But hospitals in those countries rejected Gamboa because they prioritize their native citizens for organ transplants. So she traveled to the U.S. and looked for […]