Hello Kitty themed plane will host three-hour flight to ‘nowhere’ for super fans

The flight will be a one-off experience taking place on the 8th August 2020, which coincides with Father’s Day in Taiwan. In fact, the airline is marking the occasion by operating the flight number BR-5288 which pays tribute to the phrase ‘I Love Dad’ (when read out in Mandarin).

Basmati rice tote bag leaves people with lots of thoughts

At one point or another most of us have carried tote bags while going out. While some of them are colourful, others have quirky quotes written on them. In other words, there are varieties of tote bags and now there’s a latest inclusion to that list. It’s a bag made using basmati rice sack and […]

I Bought the Duffel Bag That’s in

In a recent Gadget Lab podcast episode, my colleague Alan Henry told me that the distinctive duffels in The Expanse are not props. They’re real. You can buy them! They’re called Tarmac EPO duffel bags, and they’re made by OnSight, a technical bag manufacturer based in British Columbia. They were on sale, so I bought […]

Vodafone Idea becomes co-presenting sponsor of Dream11 IPL 2020

“As a company we have had a very long association with IPL. I am delighted that now, with the launch of Vi, we are carrying this legacy forward. Our association with Dream11 IPL 2020 will provide Vi, instant connect with millions of viewers, and I am confident that this will not only help build awareness […]

What to pack for University: 25 space-saving ideas for your student accommodation

The arrival of September means thoughts turn to cosy jumpers, countdown to the holidays and more immediate changes – like going back to school. For university students who are moving into residence halls, its also time to start thinking about those room storage ideas and organisation essentials for student digs to get the new term started […]

Masked robbers loot Aligarh jewellery shop

One of the robbers starts filling a bag, that he is carrying, with the jewellery that the salesman was showing to the four customers already present in the shop. In the meantime, one more robber rather sheepishly enters the shop and helps those already looting the shop.

San Francisco police report 80 arrests, looting and trash fires

San Francisco police reported 80 arrests Sunday for violating the dusk-to-dawn curfew and looting in the Market Street, SOMA and Union Square areas Sunday night. Police officers seized firearms and explosives, said San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott.

7 best casual wedding dresses 2020: Stunning bridal ideas for a small ceremony

The coronavirus pandemic means that brides-to-be have had to rethink their wedding day from what may have been an extravagant celebration, to one of no more than 30 guests. It’s been dubbed the ’micro-wedding’, featuring intimate venues, social distancing and, case in point, low-key wedding dresses.

Gujarati-origin bizmen looted in South Africa

In another incident showcasing people of Gujarati origin becoming soft targets on streets of South Africa, businessmen hailing from Jambusar taluka of Bharuch district were targeted by gun-toting hoodlums in a South African town. They were dragged out of their car, thrown on the ground and looted before the attackers drove away in their vehicle. […]

13 recipe ideas for leftover salad

At the Saturday morning picture show for children at a small provincial cinema, my little brother and I were happily settling in to watch a golden oldie Prince Valiant a tale of knights-in-armour and heroic derring-do, what we actually saw was some schlock sci-fi horror film called The Green Slime; which was why I was […]