OMG: Parineeti Chopra Says, Arjun Kapoor Is Her World!

While she was chatting with her followers, Arjun took to Twitter and asked her to tell the world on how the Gunday actor changed her life. “Hello excuse me madam @ParineetiChopra please tell the world how I have changed ur life…u can chat later…this news is very important,” Arjun tweeted.

Friday briefing: Crunch weekend in Brexit deal talks

Senior EU diplomats on Thursday said Barnier was treading on some of the “red lines” set out for him in the negotiations, although they expected him not to go further. The Irish taoiseach, Micheál Martin, said the EU should trust in Barnier to deliver. “We are now at a very critical and sensitive point of […]

Best Christmas jumpers for cats: Festive looks for your very own Santa Claws

And just like the fashion choices for kitty’s human counterparts, there are plenty of Christmas cat jumper styles to choose from – everything from cardigans and vests with funny slogans, to Fair Isle prints and fleece. So check out our edit of the best Christmas jumpers for cats (and even some very merry Christmas cat costumes and collars) […]

Auschwitz museum head fights for imprisoned Nigerian teen

Tuleya told DW that his sense of justice motivated him to take part in the campaign for Farouq. “This case has moved me greatly,” Tuleya said. “The punishment is completely out of proportion to the offense he is accused of,” he added. “It is an act of injustice, and we have to try to help […]

She owns a menstrual cup company. He’s a conflict resolution lawyer. Humour makes it work.

When we met, Robyn had a 3-year-old daughter, so I was kind of thrown in the deep end of being a stepfather. I really enjoyed it – she was a sweet, talented kid and now she’s a sweet, talented young adult. That’s been part of the special deal from the get-go. We had our son, […]

In conversation with Apple’s Lisa Jackson: Her vision for reducing the environmental footprint and her joint project with Malala Yousafzai

Lisa went on to reveal how the younger generation are the leading force when it comes to climate change. “The younger generation have this idea of being successful but this idea of success means you can’t be doing good or right by the planet or right by your fellow humans is just wrong,” she explained. […]

Mirzapur 2 Nahi dekhe? Galti Kiye – Here’s what Kaleen Bhaiya has to say

New Delhi: The much-awaited crime series Mirzapur 2 streamed on Amazon Prime Video. Its characters have managed to etch a strong memory in viewers’ minds ever since the success of Mirzapur, which explains why the desperation around season 2 was high.  

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Aired Its Series Finale, But I’ll Always Love It

Cancelling Speechless, with a cast and creative team so passionate about the good the show does? Still no news on a second life for Netflix’s One Day at a Time? And, most especially, CBS renewing Bull, a middling-performing drama series rattled by scandal when one-time co-star Eliza Dushku revealed that she was paid off by […]

Doctor Doom Movie Is a Genre Mashup Inspired by Captain America 2

Noah Hawley recently spoke a bit about this Doctor Doom movie, which is being developed but is in no way a guarantee at this point. While he’s being vague for now, Hawley reveals that he’s going to draw some inspiration from Captain America: The Winter Soldier but that his Doctor Doom movie won’t be a […]