‘I was trying to put on a brave face but I was struggling’: Alex Scott candidly discusses being trolled online as she fills in for Alex Jones on The One Show

‘I want to take that stigma away from it. Now when I talk about mental health, straight away I’m smiling because I know what it’s done for me to leave that place. I’m content. I’m happy, and I’ve used the tools that I’ve learned to be in that place.’  

Gillian Anderson makes rare appearance with daughter Piper

On playing such a complex character, the English TV star explained: “She was amazing to play, someone who was so conflicting. I think you see that conflict in her all the time. Whether she is wanting to marry a divorcee, someone that is older and inappropriate, or whether she doesn’t want to give up her […]

Michelle Mone opens up about “fairytale” romance with billionaire boyfriend

“But as you get older, you realise what you want from a relationship and I couldn’t deny there was a true connection. I feel like I’m in a fairytale, a beautiful dream I don’t ever want to wake up from.”

How boob sizes have changed through the decades, from Pamela Anderson’s ‘bouncy’ 80s bust to Katie Price’s 00’s 32FFs

The 2020s Celebrity Inspiration: Holly Willoughby By the start of this decade, This Morning’s Holly Willoughby was voted the women with most enviable boobs in a poll by Ultimo beauty, because they are so natural and in proportion to her body, 

The rise and fall of Topshop: How the British high street darling has gone from an It Girl favourite to the brink of collapse thanks to fast fashion rivals and Sir Philip Green’s reputation driving away woke Gen Z shoppers

On the high street it has faced greater competition from new rivals like & Other Stories, Urban Outfitters and Arket, as well as from established retailers like H&M and Zara, which offer designer lookalikes within weeks of their catwalk debut. 

‘It still feels so surreal’: Kate Lawler, 40, admits she fears losing her baby as she shows off her growing bump in candid post

While this can be treated by a special stitch in the cervix, trials suggest it is not particularly successful, although it may delay labour by a few weeks.Gene and chromosomal abnormalities, which can be detected by blood tests, may also cause recurrent miscarriages in a small number of couples. 

Made in Chelsea’s Victoria Baker-Harber has given birth after secret pregnancy

The reality star spoke about how hard it was to raise her daughter alone, telling the publication: “As hard as its been not to have Inigo around, I’ve been lucky to have amazing friends and amazing family.

Coronavirus digest: Red Cross warns of vaccine ‘fake news’

Pandemic profits: How some made billions during the COVID-19 crisis How rich can you get? Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (pictured with his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez in front of the Taj Mahal) is in a class of his own. His e-commerce company has done brisk business in the pandemic, seeing Amazon shares hit new records. Bezos […]

UN warns of coronavirus surge in humanitarian needs

Pandemic profits: How some made billions during the COVID-19 crisis Ingredients for success Food services company HelloFresh is booming. Profits have more than tripled during the pandemic, figures from the latest quarterly earnings report showed in early November. Co-founder and shareholder Dominik Richter has been making the most of restaurants being closed. He’s not quite […]

Yours in exasperation for the final time: Farewell from Mr. Mathrubootham

 But madam/ sir at least we are able to write letters to each other. Whether employees of your esteemed newspaper are enjoying my letters? Or whether they are celebrating in the office with rose milk and ras malai shouting Eureka! He has stopped sending letters, thank you Tirupati Balaji, Mother Mary, Allah etc.? How dare […]