Australia skipper Aaron Finch helps a student in “remote learning”

Alex is a big cricket fan and that’s why enjoyed the school project. “He’s a fanatical cricketer, he loves his cricket. That’s all they do all recess and lunch time, they talk about it. He’s a big fan and he enjoyed doing that side of things with his work.”

The septuagenarians who met on a bus in Latvia, and fell in love.

People were very nice to me, which I know is the Kiwi way. But at the time, it was just delightful that people were accepting of me. I didn’t know that they would or could because they’d all been attached to his partner who died and I wondered how it would be for people to […]

Chinese fixer targeted top royals: Businessman tasked with wooing Britain’s elite homed in on the Queen at Ascot and also met Princes Charles, William and Harry

‘Now we are beginning to open the door to a murky game that the Chinese Communist Party government is playing to ensure that countries like the UK become completely dependent on China, thus making it unlikely that future British governments will be prepared to complain about the appalling behaviour of their government.’

The online talks between US Ambassador Daniel Kritenbrink and VietNamNet readers

If I could rub that magic lamp and have any wish at all, I would love to see Vietnam develop more capacity for hosting international exchange students at its universities. For example, we have 30 thousand Vietnamese students in the US, but I think we have less than 2,000 American students in Vietnam. Even though […]

Meghan Markle encourages girls to ‘build each other up’ during powerful speech – video

A source close to the Duchess tells HELLO! that she strongly believes that the next generation of girls and young women have incredible power and have already shown themselves to be leaders beyond their years: on racial justice, climate change, mental health, civic engagement, public service, and much more. They are a generation that is […]