World Cup 2014: Is Tim Cahill’s goal the greatest ever scored in a World Cup?

The third goal was the pick of the bunch as the side strung 26 passes together, culminating in a back-heeled pass in the box for midfielder Esteban Cambiasso to smash the ball home.

Elon Musk overtakes Bill Gates to grab world’s second-richest ranking

By Devon PendletonElon Musk’s year of dizzying ascents hit a new apex Monday as the Tesla Inc. co-founder passed Bill Gates to become the world’s second-richest person.The 49-year-old entrepreneur’s net worth soared $7.2 billion to $127.9 billion, driven by yet another surge in Tesla’s share price. Musk has added $100.3 billion to his net worth […]

Feature: World mourns passing of football great Maradona

The first and probably most controversial goal on record was, according to Maradona, abetted by “the hand of God.” In reality, the ball had made convenient contact with his left hand but the referee had missed it, so Maradona passed it off, in typically jovial fashion, as an otherworldly event.

ChickP, the First in the World to Launch the Groundbreaking 90% Chickpea Isolate, Successfully Patents Its Brainchild in Israel

Investor Growthwell Group, a Local, Temasek-backed Plant-based Meat Manufacturer, Is Helping the Company Apply for a Patent in Singapore Newly launched in November, the next-generation, non-GMO ChickP Native Starch has a narrow granule-size distribution that makes it perfect as a thickening or binding as well as anti-caking agent Production of the 90% chickpea isolate will […]

Scotland becomes world’s first country to make pads and tampons free

The Scottish Parliament unanimously passed the Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Bill – which is designed to create a legal obligation for the government to ensure sanitary products are free and accessible for all who menstruate, including tampons and pads in public facilities nationwide.

Former World Bank president James Wolfensohn dies aged 86

World Bank Group President David Malpas paid tribute, saying that Wolfensohn “sharpened its focus on poverty reduction and redoubled its efforts to combat corruption, give voice to the poor, and magnify the impact of development investments.”

Interview: Marx, Engels’ classics offer guidance on issues facing world today, says German scholar

Some letters showed that Marx often turned to Engels on questions of economic practice when working on Das Kapital, the masterpiece of Marx, and Engels organized and published the second and third volumes of Das Kapital after Marx’s death, he said.

Covid-19: As Americans prepare to gather for Thanksgiving, the world watches with dread and disbelief

“Is it worth it knowing you may give something to your parents or grandparents?” she pondered. “Let’s say they end up in a hospital in an ICU. If it’s overcapacity or at capacity, you’re not going to get the kind of care you’d get if it wasn’t in that situation. Plus people can’t visit you.”

Australia refuses to confirm prisoner swap to get Kylie Moore-Gilbert out of Iran

“Kylie was held to ransom by the Iranian regime which saw fit to take an innocent Australian woman hostage in order to bring its own convicted prisoners abroad home,” the campaign group said in a statement. “It’s a despicable business model with incalculable human consequences.”

#ENDSARS: Only truth, remorse can heal Nigeria — Prof Olawuyi, SAN

I, therefore, encourage all stakeholders to approach the panels with transparency in order to defuse tension and ensure that the sensibilities of the families of those that have lost their loved ones are not further hurt or insulted. In my discussions with colleagues across the world, you see the keen interest with which the whole […]