New President Hassan Rouhani makes the unimaginable imaginable for Iran

The election of Hassan Rouhani, who will be inaugurated today as Iran’s seventh president, opens intriguing possibilities. Since 2005, the world has known an Iranian president who spoke the language of provocation and seemed to delight in keeping his country isolated. That is about to walk more on the path of transparency and boost […]

#ENDSARS: Only truth, remorse can heal Nigeria — Prof Olawuyi, SAN

What lessons do you think Nigeria can learn from other nations in terms of diversification and policies during this recession period? The recession provides yet another opportunity for us to diversify the economy, reduce excessive dependence on oil and gas revenue and become less of a rentier economy. A rentier economy is any country that […]

BTS Military Service Act: K-pop Phenomenon Can Change the Law

​Military exemptions have traditionally been given only to Olympic athletes and classical or traditional musicians approved by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Typically those exempted have won awards in international and national competitions and improved Korea’s image globally and domestically. For example, football player Son Heung-min was exempted from mandatory service after Korea’s […]