Parler website is back with ‘technical difficulties’ update, but app remains offline

NEW YORK: The chief executive of social media platform Parler, popular with American right-wing users but which virtually vanished after the U.S. Capitol riot, posted a brief message on the company’s website. Parler’s app, however, remains offline.”Hello world, is this thing on?,” John Matze asked in a message dated Saturday, posted above a note from […]

Parler May ‘Be Back Up’ By End of Month, CEO Matze Says as He Touts ‘Big Milestone’

“Not one, even with them being harassed and threatened, no one has quit […] we’ve got such a strong team, this has just made them believe in us more”, Matze stressed. The remarks come after the Parler chief executive wrote in the first update on Saturday, “Hello world, is this thing on?”, as he vowed […]

From blockchain to big data and IoT, tech is trying to speed up vaccine supply chains

It’s not just about understanding and predicting where the demand is, but also about allocating resources more efficiently as a result. “It’s a complex supply-chain scenario,” says Breen. “You need someone to handle the stock, but also someone who is qualified to make up the syringes, and someone who can administer the jab. We need […]

Open Road’s Liam Neeson Pic ‘The Marksman’ Takes $3.7M At MLK Weekend Box Office

Open Road Boss Tom Ortenberg tells Deadline this morning, “It’s a universal truth that even in a depressed market lies opportunity. And there are plenty of people who want to go to the movies. Not everyone wants to go theaters, and cinemas aren’t open everywhere. But there are a lot of people who are looking […]

Free massive online courses launched to public

According to Deputy Principal of Open University in Hanoi Dr. Truong Tien Tung, the system has manifested the responsibilities of the universities towards the community. Presently, around 10,000 students are pursuing 400 online courses. After the VMOOCs system has been launched, the university will publicize 45 courses in the system to serve the community’s demand, […]

These virtual stores are a joyful twist on e-commerce

For now, I’m enthusiastic about walk-through virtual store shopping. Even with its limited floor plan and inventory (World of Joy), or ads taunting me about a world of human behavior that’s currently on hold (Ralph Lauren), wandering anywhere outside of the house during this final lockdown push offers a bit of a desperately needed change […]

Legendary illusionist Siegfried Fischbacher dies aged 81 at home in Vegas after battle with pancreatic cancer – less than a year after partner Roy passed

Former WWE wrestler Marc Mero said: ‘Sad to hear the news that Siegfried Fischbacher, half of the world-famous Las Vegas magic and entertainment act Siegfried & Roy, died of cancer eight months after the death of his long-term business partner Roy Horn. He was 81.’ 

Security Sensitization: Dein of Agbor to partner with The Divine Smiles Foundation International

Security challenges are growing all over the world so its pertinent for individuals, cooperate bodies and government to live up to their responsibilities. Security and safety of life will snowball to peaceful environment. In this regard, the organizers of Face of The World Nigeria Beauty, Face of Delta Beauty Pageant etc paid a courtesy visit […]

Have You Played… Hypnospace Outlaw?

Ah, the internet. It might be a cesspool of fibre optic-fuelled hate and anxiety these days, but back in ye olde dial-up times of 1999 it felt like a new frontier of hot information. It was a place where people were just trying to share their art, thoughts, music and other assorted paraphernalia with like-minded […]

New games 2021: game release dates for console and PC

2020 saw countless great games arrive, but with the PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S now nestled snugly in our homes, there are some amazing new games arriving in 2021 that we can’t wait to play. This year could be even better, too, as developers focus more on the next-generation consoles. Of course, […]