Rebuilt 19 years after 9/11, New York’s World Trade Center threatened anew by coronavirus

“People are much more worried about someone coughing on them than someone blowing up a building,” said Vishal Garg, chief executive of mortgage refinance startup, headquartered at 3 World Trade Center on the site known as Ground Zero.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

The parody of FBI Director William S. Sessions’ “Winners Don’t Do Drugs” slogan, seen at the start-up of all American videogame arcade machines in the nineties, is the first thing you see in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. It’s a simple joke that speaks volumes. All six volumes of the Scott Pilgrim comic […]

Column: Remote work is here to stay. Here’s how to make it work

The kids? The kids are alright. But they’re young and unsuspecting of the rather dark side of the digital economy built by us. They will leave more of their footprints online. The cameras will be on more than ever before. The emails, instant messages, and even whispers in your drawing room will be read, heard, […]

Face to face with Radovan Karadzic

We were then passed seamlessly down the chain of command: delivered first into the hands of Karadzic’s deputy president, Nikola Koljevic, an Anglophile professor who kept quoting Shakespeare. Koljevic escorted us as far as the largest Bosnian Serb city of Banja Luka, where we were passed on to a Major Milutinovic, who drove us past […]

South African miners’ families back Julius Malema’s call for nationalisation

Siphiwo Gqala, 25, said he sometimes spends up to 14 hours a day underground but does not receive overtime pay. “It’s dangerous work,” he said. “Sometimes you go down there and a rock falls and you die. Big vehicles can come and kill you.” Recalling Thursday’s massacre, he said: “I’ve never seen something like that: […]

Tuesday briefing: Brexit talks head for bitter end

Gareth Southgate has vowed to protect Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden despite sending the players home after they invited two women to the team hotel in Reykjavik, breaking coronavirus isolation rules. UK Sport has pledged to “identify, confront and eradicate” bullying and abuse in the high-performance system in the wake of the staggering allegations across […]

Wednesday briefing: England under rule of six

Brexit changes against law – The government has dramatically admitted its bid to change the Brexit agreement on Northern Ireland would break international law. Tory MPs including the former PM Theresa May have urged the government to reconsider, fearing Britain will no longer be seen as a dependable country of laws. Sir Jonathan Jones, the […]

Friday briefing: Rio Tinto CEO quits after cave furore

Anger behind the mask – Lockdown rules and mask-wearing are causing deeper social fractures than Brexit, a poll of 10,000 people has found. The masked (58%) have severely negative attitudes towards the non-masked, and the majority (68%) of people who obey lockdown rules feeling strongly negative views towards those who break them. Significant minorities of […]

Defiant residents rush to prepare as Florence barrels towards Carolina coast

Parr estimated he had lived through five hurricanes in this small beach town. Pointing to a friend in the passenger seat of his vehicle, Parr said he was a property insurance agent who believed he had probably gotten a couple of hundred calls in the previous two days as homeowners in the region imagine the […]

Don’t have enough dosh to spend on a Prada gown, Gucci bag or a Rolls Royce? Just rent it!

One of the oldest ventures in the car rental business, KTC India is 75-years-old and was set up in pre-independence Karachi. Owned by Delhi-based Gurudev Ahluwalia, whose father bought the business in 1943 and moved it to Delhi after independence, even the stalwarts of India’s political landscaped leased cars from KTC during the time the […]