Young families priced out of rental markets in two-thirds of the UK

“For people on modest incomes, having a child will normally involve one parent staying at home while the other works full time, for a period longer than parental leave normally covers,” Betsy Dillner, director of Generation Rent, said. “That means a typical new family will rely on one full-time salary to make ends meet. If […]

Covid-hit Gurugram falls behind on office rentals

Over the years, Gurugram has emerged as a powerful magnet for both domestic and multinational companies as available commercial space in New Delhi shrank and rentals soared. Today, it is the India corporate base of companies ranging from insurers Aviva and Max Life to consultant McKinsey and beverage maker PepsiCo, and home to the factories […]

Apple in Talks with Major Studios for Early Movie Rentals on iTunes

Bloomberg also reported recently that several major studios, such as Warner Bros. and Universal, have been having ongoing, preliminary conversations with major theater chains to try and negotiate a new on-demand model that would allow big movies to be available to consumers much sooner than they are currently. The problem is that theater chains are […]

China Is ‘Prepared for the Worst,’ as U.S. Threatens Further Sanctions That ‘Will Not Bring China Down’: State Media

At a White House press conference Friday, Trump called the Chinese National People’s Congress passage of new national security legislation for Hong Kong on Thursday a “plain violation” of a 1984 according which paved the way for the United Kingdom to handover the former colony to the People’s Republic in 1997.

Bounce, Vogo, Drivezy hardest hit by Covid-19 turn to layoffs, salary cuts

Companies, however, cited that such measures are mainly to keep businesses running as there is no certainty as to when things will return to normal. ET has reviewed the termination letters.Online insurance firm Acko has laid off around 50 employees, a majority of whom work in the customer service, operations, sales and marketing segments. Responding […]

Malibu City Manager Updates August 7, 2020

TRANCAS CREEK BRIDGE REPLACEMENT Caltrans is proposing to replace the existing 96-year-old, 85 foot-wide, 90 foot-long concrete bridge, built to span Trancas Creek on Pacific Coast Highway. The new concrete bridge will be 105 feet wide by 240 feet long. It will provide two 12-foot traffic lanes, a bike lane, and 10-foot shoulders in each […]

The fondest farewell: A goofy smile, fur like the finest cashmere and a dotty obsession with tennis balls… Monty Don’s adorable four-legged TV co-star captivated viewers and as Nigel goes to the great garden in the sky, his tribute will melt your heart

Another thing about Nigel is that he smiles a lot. Not the crinkly, toothy, squinty-eyed grin that some dogs produce when they see you — which is not really a smile at all, but a submissive gesture — but the relaxed, slack-mouthed beam of someone pleased with their lot.

’90 Day Fiancé’ stars Darcey and Stacey Silva talk their new spinoff and dating: ‘We go with our heart’

Darcey: Right, I think a lot of people are surprised that I have kids. Actually, Stacey has two sons as well — we tend to do things in tandem. We got married around the same time, had kids around the same time, we got divorced on the same day. But with our kids, we protect […]

The corner of England where the Stars and Stripes fly high

The United States Air Force claims RAF Lakenheath and Mildenhall are worth a combined £700m ($910m) to the local economy. The influence of the American dollar stretches far and wide – from the local property rental market to the pubs and restaurants, where US patrons are noted for eating out earlier than their British counterparts.

Jennifer Lopez’s sister Lynda celebrates exciting news with show-stopping cake

Jennifer Lopez’s sister Lynda has had an exciting week following the launch of her debut book, AOC. And to mark the special occasion, the mother-of-one was surprised with a decadent cake. This was no ordinary cake either, as it was crafted to look exactly like the AOC book cover, complete with gold edges and an […]