Reliance may use stake sales to help fund expansion plan

Reliance Industries is actively looking to acquire startups, as well as mature companies, to strengthen its digital commerce, 5G and fibre-to-the-home businesses to create India’s largest digital ecosystem spanning telecom, retail and payments, the people said on condition of anonymity.

Reliance may use stake sales to help fund expansion plan

“This should help Reliance Industries improve its reach and business momentum. The new commerce model (in which Reliance is looking to tie up with kiranas) also would likely garner scale as tech adoption improves,” it said. In the last three years, RIL has made 30 acquisitions in the startup space. A majority of the acquisitions […]

National Data Portal helps create more open Government: official

At the launch of the National Data Portal in August, the Ministry of Information and Communications, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Training, and Việt Nam Social Security, along with the Hà Nội National University and Việt Nam Post, all pledged to upload their data […]

Immigrants to U.S. Help Create More Jobs, Not Take Them, Study Finds

“People want to think of immigrants as coming into the economy and maybe not having very many skills and not having a positive impact on the economy,” Benjamin Jones, a professor of strategy at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University involved in the study, told Newsweek on Tuesday.

George W. Bush Not Thrilled by Behavior of Monster He Helped Create

Donald Trump ran the most dishonest presidential campaign in modern memory. But every so often, the mogul would take a break from spouting baseless conspiracy theories and demonstrable lies to speak a vital truth — usually, one that highlighted what a horrendous President George W. Bush had been. kept us safe.” The mogul further noted […]’s new definitions help create a better world

Language doesn’t just help us communicate, it is an important part of how we understand the world. The definitions that are given to words affect how we perceive them and popular phases show social attitudes and shape our understanding of the world. As social norms change, language needs to as well and the lexicographers at […]

More than HALF of medium-sized businesses are planning to axe jobs within WEEKS as the Government’s furlough scheme ends

Leaders of medium-sized businesses have expressed concern over funding arrangements, with a third saying they can’t continue trading for longer than six months based on their current outlook, according to the BDO survey.

New Stimulus Will Help Businesses, Not Individuals: White House Adviser

Kudlow reiterated that all discussion of a second round of stimulus relief is in a stage of “pre-decisional, shall we say rumors,” but there are no definitive plans at this point in Washington. The Trump administration and Republican senate leaders have repeatedly expressed opposition to another round of direct deposits to individuals as well as […]

Disappointment at plans to cut congestion on North Shore’s busy Lake Road

But George Wood, deputy chairman of the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board, said the upgrade of the cycle lanes came at the expense of providing transit lanes to handle buses, giving them quicker travel times along Lake Rd as well as high occupancy cars.

How to choose the best cell phone plan for your small business in 2020

Republic Wireless Republic Wireless uses Wi-Fi to provide a virtual network to customers via their cell phone plans. The vendor relies on T-Mobile and Sprint networks when Wi-Fi is unavailable. Rates start at $15 per month ($150 each year) for an unlimited talk and text plan. At this level, Republic Wireless charges $5 per gigabyte […]