We made exploring our city part of home schooling. Here’s how you can, too.

Eight miles north of D.C. is a town built as a cooperative. Greenbelt was the first of three New Deal towns created by the federal government in the 1930s. Historic Greenbelt is preserved with an art deco theater and a co-op coffee shop. Along Greenbelt Lake are picnic tables, trails and a playground.

Why we need to redesign résumés for the COVID era and the future of work

Between the gap years, volunteering, freelancing, and personal projects people are taking on, many will emerge from this pandemic with a diverse range of experiences. This is an opportunity to reevaluate how candidates can present themselves in the job market because showcasing the value of these nontraditional experiences and soft skills will require something more […]

Coronavirus: Rishi Sunak says new economic measures ‘vital’ for Scotland

She added: “We called for an £80bn stimulus package to build a strong, green and inclusive economic recovery and while there are elements in this announcement to be welcomed, in particular the measures on VAT for tourism and hospitality, overall this package is a huge opportunity missed.

Death row inmate, 50, who was convicted of murder two decades ago after a witness was HYPNOTIZED by cops to identify him will make a final appeal in US Supreme Court

Prosecutor Jason January: ‘Mr. Flores and his supporters are erroneously stating that the entire case of the prosecution rested solely upon the testimony of only one witness who had been hypnotized and that after hypnosis the witness changed her story’

Russia Is Using Undercover Racists to Exploit Africa’s Anti-Racist Political Revolt

AFRIC arrived after Bianki did to “observe” the vote. Part of its delegation included some rather counterintuitive monitors given the history of Zimbabwe: a pair of Swedish racists, Sanna Hill and Vávra Suk, as well as Volker Tschapke of the conservative, pro-Russian Prussian Society, and Dragana Trifkovic, a leading member of Serbia’s ultra-nationalist Dveri, a […]

UP jumps to 2nd position in ease of doing business rankings

“This year’s exercise was completely based on user feedback. Attaining the second rank indicates that entrepreneurs have been receiving the benefits of these reforms implemented by the UP government under the dynamic leadership of chief minister Yogi Adityanath,” the spokesman said.

Trump said to consider spending his own money on race

SCOREBOARDTrump: 42.6 percent  Biden: 51.2 percent  Size of lead: Biden by 8.6 points  Change from one week ago: Biden no change, Trump ↓ 0.4 points  Average includes: CNN: Trump 43% – Biden 51%; Quinnipiac University: Trump 42% – Biden 52%; USA Today/Suffolk: Trump 43% – Biden 50%; Grinnell/Selzer: Trump 41% – Biden 49%; ABC News/WaPo: Trump 44% – Biden […]

The kindness of strangers: should surrogates get paid?

One of the few parts of the existing legislation that has not been chipped away is the prohibition on single parents. In early 2015, Kyle Casson, a single man whose mother had been his surrogate (using his sperm and a donor egg), was forced to adopt his own child. In September, a single man who […]

New law will give families of police officers who are killed in the line of duty like PC Andrew Harper legally guaranteed support

‘Which I don’t really understand how that’s appropriate. If you are in a murder trial how the suspects don’t have to sit there and listen to at least what there saying and doing while we are sat listening to their hideous crimes. I didn’t see any remorse. ‘

Harry and Meghan are naive to think Netflix will want TV to ‘give hope’ and not royal shows

Grads dumb & dumber PROFESSOR Greg Patton – a much-respected lecturer at the University of Southern California – was giving his students an online lesson about “filler words” in international business culture and moved on to “neige”, meaning “um” in Chinese.