Trump singles out Texas and Florida for help with coronavirus response

Trump’s emphasis on a direct appeal from governors to secure full funding for the National Guard deployments is just the latest example of Trump and his aides requesting governors ask the President directly for help and — in some cases — make a public show of thanking him for coronavirus assistance.

Step up, NCAA: Help save eligibility of those who opt out

Instead, with college athletic programs pressed for money that they’ve long spent with reckless abandon, the NCAA is allowing those divisions to decide. Maybe the D-1 programs pony up and protect their athletes through some sort of financial accommodation. But in a year in which power programs like Wisconsin are asking donors to help make […]

Mum shares incredible pics of baby born at 22 weeks…2 weeks before abortion limit making her one of the world’s earliest

It was very powerful and I didn’t want that moment to end. Although I selfishly wanted to keep holding her, I know the best place for her right now is the incubator and in the care of the nurses and doctors.

Jets lineman on decision to opt out of NFL season: ‘Our national government has yet to control or contain this virus’

“Football has meant so much for me,” Koloamatangi told television station KITV4 in Hawaii via New York Daily News. “It’s helped me become who I am today in so many ways. So, having to walk away for a year temporarily… My wife and I, it was one of the hardest decisions we’ve had to make. […]

Kentucky making election plans amid ongoing virus outbreak

Under state law, absentee voting is open to people impaired from in-person voting due to age or illness, he said. But amid the coronavirus, some people otherwise able to vote in-person will be reluctant to go to polling places because of their age or health conditions, he said.

Taking Stock: RBI commentary helps bulls push Sensex higher; Nifty reclaims 11,200

“Markets managed to gain nearly a percent amid volatility, thanks to supportive global markets and favorable local cues. The bias was upbeat from the beginning and the benchmark extended gains as the day progressed, taking cues from the RBI’s announcements to aid the stressed sectors and further boost the financial system,” Ajit Mishra, VP – […]

The peacemaker at peace: Taoiseach Micheal Martin is among politicians and family at funeral of ex-SDLP leader John Hume who helped forge the Good Friday Agreement

Like most Protestant politicians at the time, Trimble had opposed efforts to share power with Catholics as likely to jeopardize Northern Ireland’s union with Britain. He at first refused to speak directly with Adams, insisting that IRA commanders needed to prove they were willing to abandon violence.

Rational decisions needed to blunt US’ evil designs

Tensions between China and the United States had already extended from trade to other issues including the COVID-19 pandemic, Hong Kong affairs and the South China Sea disputes when the US administration ordered the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas, on July 21. Washington’s move not only has brought diplomacy into the ambit […]

Simon Taufel, Sachin Tendulkar, and two lbw decisions

“Makhaya Ntini, another great one, as a fast bowler. What a character! He scored many centuries as a bowler on difficult pitches, and occasionally he’d come to me and say, ‘Simon, what do you think I should do now? Where should I bowl this one?’ And I said, mate, ‘I’ve got my own challenges, I’m […]

How Netflix helped change the FCC’s definition of net neutrality

Back in March of 2014, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings wrote a blog post accusing the major internet service providers of imposing unfair tolls on companies, like his, that were sending large volumes of traffic to their customers. He argued that companies like Comcast and AT&T were creating an artificial bottleneck that was degrading Netflix service, causing […]