Hollywood star Cate Blanchett on playing right-wing idol who blocked woman’s lib

Aussie Cate, who lives in Brighton with her playwright husband Andrew and their four children, got her ideals from her mother, June. Her dad Bob died of a heart attack when she was ten and June raised her and her two siblings. She gave up teaching but she built a successful career in ­property development.

Can Breathing in Through Your Nose Prevent COVID-19?

The reason is that your nasal cavities produce the molecule nitric oxide, which chemists abbreviate to NO, that increases blood flow through the lungs and boosts oxygen levels in the blood. Breathing in through the nose delivers NO directly into the lungs, where it helps fight coronavirus infection by blocking the replication of the coronavirus […]

Remembering the Fallen: OCFA Engineer Greg Hennessey

“He was probably one of the most conscientious firefighters I’ve ever met, very, very excellent and competent at his job, well-liked by the firefighters, really a leader among OCFA firefighters,” said OCFA Division Chief Greg McKeown, who attended the fire academy in Rancho Santa Margarita with Hennessey in 1990.

Profiles of the Jobless: The ‘Mad As Hell’ Millennial Generation

“Don’t be sad and depressed. Be angry.”As a GenX-er, I sympathize. I sympathize, because many of my experiences (and the accompanying emotions) are so similar to yours. And maybe that’s why your generation is so often unfairly – or fairly – perceived as having a sense of entitlement. When you’re fighting for your survival, it’s […]

Dear Abby: Despite hurt, focus on honoring son

DEAR MOM: I understand your hurt feelings, but, as you wrote, the party is a celebration of your son’s achievement and nothing else. If things turn out as it appears they will, your ex may marry this woman, and she would be to some extent in your life when your son marries, starts a family, […]

Lafayette families stressed by pressure to commit to Lafayette Online Academy under changing circumstances

Williams works from home as a customer service representative for Waitr and will be able to monitor her children’s learning, but she’s concerned about how responsive teachers in support roles will be when she can’t help her kids navigate through the Common Core strategies. She’s also worried about ensuring her son, who has ADHD and […]

Houston-area Girl Scouts earn Gold Awards

Leaders and volunteers from Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council visited the teen girls to give them the recognition they deserved for earning the highest award Girl Scouts offers. Over their years in Scouts, the girls experience a variety of activities like camping, boating, equestrian training and Red Cross training, but 80-plus hours of service […]

“I’m Going To Be Honest With You,” The Grandfather Told Police. “I Killed A Lot.”

Martinez had also committed this murder at a time when a good many people in Earlimart were already scared. And not because of him. Anti-immigrant fervor had swept California, casting a pall over communities like Earlimart. The previous November, California voters had approved Proposition 187, a ballot initiative that called for denying government services, including […]