A 13-year-old invents an emergency kit to prevent drownings on Florida beaches

The LifeBoKx could not stand as a replacement to lifeguards and trained emergency responders — there was no “magic bullet” for that — but Spivey says it offers some useful tools, particularly the educational materials, and the potential to help expedite emergency response.

How TikTok is helping to break Nigerian hit songs in 2020

As the distance between people continues to be shrunk by apps and platforms that deal in speed-of-light connectivity, music, one of humanity’s most enduring art forms, will be a big part of any adaptation and TikTok is proving that it can be at the frontier of helping songs blow up in Nigeria, as it has […]

How Fantasy Triumphed Over Reality in American Politics

American politics and American business have never completed that revolution, but they have also never ceased approaching the ideal point where they are indistinguishable from Hollywood. Reagan said that politics was just like show business. He came from Hollywood and understood better than anyone that the country’s life needed new myths. He often explained to […]

SISLEP Dharwad to implementNew Education Policy in State

WarningReplying to a query, the Minister said that there were complaints about some private schools collecting “additional fee in the name of coronavirus” and there was no such provision to collect any such fee. “If any private educational institution has collected such a fee, then legal action will be taken against it,” he added.

We are Chief Facilitator Officers, says Tata Communications CFO Pratibha Advani

NEW DELHI: Pratibha K Advani, the newly appointed Chief Financial Officer of Tata Communications, is helping the loss-making company drive a lot more efficiencies in the organisation under its strategy 2.0, which aims to create sustainable and profitable business streams.In an interaction with ET’s Danish Khan, Advani talks about the company’s strategy, short-term goals, portfolio […]

Silicon Valley startup Brex joins ‘remote first’ trend in response to pandemic

The company is the latest high-value startup to shift away from the office after Twitter and Square said this year they would let most employees work from home for good. Mountain View’s Quora and San Francisco’s Coinbase also count themselves among the growing list of “remote-first” companies.

Fake Newstatesman: Scruton Fires Back After Leftist Hit Job, Tory Back-stab

Do as you like. But do not pretend this is journalism. This is activism. That’s fine too. Activism can be good or bad. Couple this with your half-quotes from Scruton & the fact that you deleted this image when you realised how bad it looks, and this is rather dishonest activism. pic.twitter.com/cRlzyilpFy

How ‘Holocough’ Went from Anti-Semitic Threat to COVID-19 Truther Rallying Cry

Because the social mediascape is vast, fractured, and at times opaque, Aryeh Tuchman of the Anti-Defamation League cautioned it’s difficult to track the precise origin of terms like holocough. But Rick Eaton, a digital hate researcher at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told The Daily Beast that the earliest usage he’s been able to document during […]

Real-Life Cops, and Me

Was there anything in my life — my actual life, the part not lived on the carpet in front of a TV set — to contradict this? Not yet, but my world was changing. The great cratering of New York City was now at its most dire — it was the era of overflowing trash […]

Recap: Saoirse Ronan Explains How to Pronounce Her Name

At the top of Ronan’s monologue, she acknowledges that she is “extremely Irish” with “an extremely Irish name” that is difficult for Americans to say properly. In order to avoid mispronunciations like the ones she gets from Leslie Jones (“Circe! Sushi?”), Ronan sings a little ditty about her name that she ostensibly wrote when she […]