Da Nang speeds up mass Covid-19 testing of high-risk community

Since July 25, when community transmissions resurfaced in Vietnam after more than three months, Da Nang has become the new virus epicenter after reporting 142 cases. These result have prompted local authorities to rapidly mass test locals for Covid-19 to contain its spread.

Social distancing may be GOOD for the economy because it makes high-risk people feel safe to go out shopping and ‘most of the economic contraction is caused by the virus itself’, scientists find

‘The positive effect of the shutdown on the economic activity of the elderly suggests that the Danish shutdown served to contain the spread of the virus and hence reduced the need for extreme self-isolation among those most at risk for severe health consequences,’ the team explained. 

China Accuses U.S. Military of Dangerous Experiments with ‘High-Risk Pathogens’

Wang made his remarks in response to a bizarre question from Beijing Youth Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Youth League of China. The question claimed that “a large number of social groups” were concerned about joint U.S. and South Korean military activity regarding biological weapons research, which exists because of evidence that North Korea […]

More Than 20% of US Adults Have ‘High-Risk’ HPV

A study published in the journal Pediatrics in February 2016 by the same group of researchers found that high-risk HPV infections in women decreased after the HPV vaccine became available in 2006. That study found that, among girls and women ages 14 to 19, the prevalence of four high-risk strains of HPV (6, 11, 16 […]

Deputy PM: pandemic fight should concentrate on high-risk areas

Hanoi (VNA) – Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, head of the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control, on August 4 asked the health sector and all-level authorities to concentrate on high-risk areas during the fight against COVID-19. According to the Deputy PM, hospitals and nursing homes need the most attention, and patients […]

Economy recovering, rise in cases a risk: Report

The agriculture sector, which contributes about 15% of the total gross value added, is the silver lining for the economy in 2020-21 with the forecast of a normal monsoon. “A record procurement of wheat has enabled a flow of around Rs 75,000 crore to the farmers which will boost private consumption in rural areas,”the finance […]

Why pregnant women face special risks from COVID-19

In one study of nearly 700 pregnant women admitted to three New York hospitals for delivery, 70 of the 71 babies born to infected moms were uninfected themselves. Another study published this month in eLife suggests the virus is unlikely to easily invade placental cells. Scientists led by Roberto Romero at the National Institute of […]

Thousands of asthma sufferers ‘at greater risk as they feel under pressure to go back to work’, charity warns

“It is unacceptable that there are employers who are putting the health of their workers at risk, especially when their employee has told them that they are at a higher risk of severe illness from coronavirus.

HPV May Increase Skin Cancer Risk

Patients might be tested when they visit the dermatologist for warts, which are also caused by HPVs, Green said. If patients were found to have “high- risk” HPV types, they could be closely monitored for the development of cancer, Green said. “It will be important knowledge to be able to have,” she said.

Missing Whooping Cough Shot Boosts Kids’ Disease Risk

There are many reasons why children don’t receive their shots on time, including barriers to health care, and whether parents choose to get their children vaccinated, the researchers said. In the new study, parent refusal was the reason for undervaccination in about 30 percent of the kids who contracted the bacterial infection.