Zuckerberg SF General Thanks It Takes A Village Bay Area

Founder Shelly Wong of It Takes A Village comments, “It is a thrill to be met with such an enthusiastic crowd of health care workers and to see the smiles on their faces as they open the cartons and see the face masks and shields. We are working on increasing donations to us of fabric, […]

Boy Scouts Troop 11, Deliver Face Shields to Chinese Hospital

Troop 11 scouts, from Piedmont and Oakland, guided by their commitment to community service, have been busy assembling face shields for donation. The scouts are part of the 225-member community organization,It Takes A Village Bay Area which has been providing valuable PPE to Bay Area communities in need since mid-March.

GORDON: Herman Cain’s Proud Legacy

Exposed corporate media partisan bias – Cain’s rise showed the bulk of corporate media sprinting left and increasingly hostile towards conservatives. Their aggressive coverage, at times even physical in nature, seemed less about journalism and more about active participation in an ideological battle over America’s future. While they elevated President Obama and associates as national […]