Hindi Diwas 2020: Remembering the Legends of Hindi Literature

Maitheli Sharan Gupt: One of the pioneers of Khari Boli, Maithili Sharan Gupt was one of the most important Hindi writers. At a time when Braj Bhasha was the popular choice of authors, his works in the plain dialect left a lasting mark in people’s hearts and minds. He was an inspiration to none other […]

Hindi Diwas: Shubhangi Atre, Kamna, Yogesh & Others Share Fond Memories Of Their Hindi Teachers

Manmohan Tiwari “My Hindi teacher, Nautiyal Ji believed that no other language is as beautiful and diverse as Hindi. One of the areas he encouraged me to read, write and grasp was Hindi literature and poetry. I still remember the first Hindi poem I recited in class, and I continue to love reading and to […]

Celebrating Hindi Diwas With These Famous Quotes

To celebrate the significance of this ancient language, Hindi Diwas is observed on September 14 every year. The day is celebrated to commemorate Hindi being adopted as one of India’s twenty-two official languages. However, when the proposal came in 1949, Hindi became the second official language (English being the only language prior). This decision was […]

Only Hindi can work to unite country, says Amit Shah

“There are 18 words to refer to a relationship in Hindi, whereas the word “Uncle” is used uniformly to explain all relations in English…We shouldn’t surrender to slave mentality. Promoting Hindi should be our national responsibility. Had (Bal Gangadhar) Tilak and Gandhi not stressed on using Hindi, we would have lost it to the British,” […]

Hindi writers with Prayagraj connect dominate CBSE, UP Board books

“Likewise, Suryakant Tripathi Nirala, who spent many years in Prayagraj and died here in 1961, also has many of his writings like ‘Utsah’, ‘Daan’, ‘Badal’, ‘Raag’, ‘Geet gane do mujhe’ and ‘Saroj Smriti’ becoming part of the curriculum of the two boards,” he added.

Richa Chadha: For India to find its soul, we should revisit our revolutionary Hindi writers”

“No one is asking people to go and read new books because reading books itself seems like a dying habit. Everyone is on their phone or watching some rubbish on TV. I think it is essential for people who work in the Hindi film industry, especially in front of the camera, to be well-versed in […]

Kumkum Bhagya makes a re-entry in top five shows on TV; Choti Sardarni slips on the TRP chart

The TRP list is out and remains pretty much the same as last week’s. Kundali Bhagya remains one of producer Ekta Kapoor’s most-watched shows. It’s again at number one. Karan (Dheeraj Dhoopar) and Preeta (Shraddha Arya) seem to have occupied a permanent place in the hearts of the viewers. It’s followed by the Rupali Ganguly […]

Tamil Nadu leaders decry Amit Shah’s pitch for Hindi

Dangerous: PMKPMK leader S. Ramadoss, an ally of the BJP, said while Mr. Shah had the right to extol the greatness of Hindi, he could not impose the language on others. “Hindi can never be the identity of India as it will lead to depriving the right of languages such as Tamil,” he said.

Five Burning Questions: Katy Perry’s ‘Smile’ Debuts at No. 5 on Billboard 200 Albums Chart

Jason Lipshutz: What 2019 demonstrated is that pop radio can still be receptive to Perry — depending on the song, of course. “Never Really Over” was a legitimate pop hit, peaking at No. 15 on the Hot 100, and her “Con Calma” remix with Daddy Yankee and Snow wasn’t far behind it, reaching No. 22 on the […]

Advertising: Hero Motocorp rides ahead in auto advertising charts

Hero Motocorp topped the charts of ad insertions on print and television in the April-July 2020 according to AdEx data released by research firm TAM. The company commanded 31 per cent share of ad volumes on TV and 58 per cent of total ad insertions in print for the period under consideration. It ranked number […]