Hindi Diwas 2020: Remembering the Legends of Hindi Literature

Maitheli Sharan Gupt: One of the pioneers of Khari Boli, Maithili Sharan Gupt was one of the most important Hindi writers. At a time when Braj Bhasha was the popular choice of authors, his works in the plain dialect left a lasting mark in people’s hearts and minds. He was an inspiration to none other […]

Hindi Diwas: Shubhangi Atre, Kamna, Yogesh & Others Share Fond Memories Of Their Hindi Teachers

Rohitashv Gour “The Hindi language unites us all. Hindi is a part of my daily routine, be it at home or at work. As a student, it was my favourite subject, and I encourage my children to speak in it, as the language is carried on generation after generation through us.”

Celebrating Hindi Diwas With These Famous Quotes

To celebrate the significance of this ancient language, Hindi Diwas is observed on September 14 every year. The day is celebrated to commemorate Hindi being adopted as one of India’s twenty-two official languages. However, when the proposal came in 1949, Hindi became the second official language (English being the only language prior). This decision was […]

Only Hindi can work to unite country, says Amit Shah

“There are 18 words to refer to a relationship in Hindi, whereas the word “Uncle” is used uniformly to explain all relations in English…We shouldn’t surrender to slave mentality. Promoting Hindi should be our national responsibility. Had (Bal Gangadhar) Tilak and Gandhi not stressed on using Hindi, we would have lost it to the British,” […]

Hindi writers with Prayagraj connect dominate CBSE, UP Board books

“Likewise, Suryakant Tripathi Nirala, who spent many years in Prayagraj and died here in 1961, also has many of his writings like ‘Utsah’, ‘Daan’, ‘Badal’, ‘Raag’, ‘Geet gane do mujhe’ and ‘Saroj Smriti’ becoming part of the curriculum of the two boards,” he added.

Richa Chadha: For India to find its soul, we should revisit our revolutionary Hindi writers”

“It is not that Hindi literature hasn’t found a popular space in Indian books or literature. We may feel so because in Delhi and Mumbai, the bookshops mostly have English books but this is an unfortunate side effect of a policy started by the British,” says Richa Chadha, adding that they also wanted us to […]

International Literacy Day 2020: History, significance and theme of the UNESCO designated day

This year’s celebration is going to shed light on “the role of educators and changing pedagogies.” It thinks of literacy from the perspective of a lifelong experience and hence its importance for the youth ad adults. “During COVID-19, in many countries, adult literacy programmes were absent in the initial education response plans, so most adult […]

2018 Ford GT Goes Old School With ’67 Heritage Edition

It’s based on the GT40 that A. J. Foyt and Dan Gurney drove to victory at LeMans in 1967. The Ford GT is already an exclusive supercar, with only 1,000 planned for production over four years. That translates to just 250 each year, and now Ford Performance is offering a special livery for 2018 that […]

‘Das Thaat,’ an unusual concert theme

The next three raags sung in the same sequence by the artistes were Hamsadhwani (‘Ganapat vighan hare’), Marwa (‘Ho gunijan mel’, Ek taal) and Kafi. Aarti’s tappa, ‘Madho Mukund Murari’, composed by her guru Pt. Dinkar Kaikani in Kafi, was sung with mastery. Hearing a tappa in Hindi rather than Punjabi was welcome. She followed […]

Whoopi Goldberg Tells Disney to Build Wakanda Theme Park Attraction, Ditch ‘Frozen’

“I received more calls and notes than I’d ever received about anything I’d been associated with in my career,” Iger wrote in his memoir, The Ride of a Lifetime, about the reaction to the film in 2018. “There may be no product we’ve created that I’m more proud of than Black Panther,” he continued.