Only Hindi can work to unite country, says Amit Shah

“India is a country of different languages and every language has its own importance but it is very important to have a language of the whole country which should become the identity of India globally,” he said on Twitter, writing in Hindi. “Today, if one language can do the work of uniting the country, then […]

Hindi Imposition Issue Raises Head Again in India’s Poll-Bound Tamil Nadu

“If the mainstream political parties do not raise this language issue, there will always be a fringe group that would take it up. This will be the first election in Tamil Nadu without the big two (late leaders of the two major political parties in the state), political parties have to have some issues to […]

Hindi writers with Prayagraj connect dominate CBSE, UP Board books

“Having studied at Crosthwaite Girls’ Intermediate College and Allahabad University, her works like ‘Gillu’ and poems ‘Himalay Se’ besides ‘Varsha Sundari Ke Prati’ and even songs have been included in the course by UP Board while ‘Mere Bachpan Ke Din’, ‘Gillu’, ‘Madhur madhur mere deepak jale’ and ‘Sab akhon ke ansoo ujale’ have been embraced […]

Tamil Nadu leaders decry Amit Shah’s pitch for Hindi

 “Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri and Indira Gandhi protected the rights of people who do not speak Hindi. The United Progressive Alliance gave ‘Semmozhi’ status to Tamil language,” he said. He warned Mr. Amit Shah saying that if he spoke with the arrogance since his party has 283 members of Parliament from Hindi-speaking regions, it […]

Hindi not essential to work in Official Language Cell, says GST Commissioner

Warning of protestsTamil Nadu Congress Committee president K.S. Alagiri on Tuesday demanded that the Central government stop appointing persons who know only Hindi in Central government offices in Tamil Nadu and warned of protests against the BJP-led Centre if it failed to do so.

Gulshan Devaiah shares Baba Sehgal’s Hindi cover of I Want It That Way, jokes Backstreet Boys ‘to sue themselves’ for copying singer

Earlier in May, Baba Sehgal has shared a new song ‘Namaste’ that addressed the coronavirus pandemic. The lyrics of the song suggested ways to deal with Covid-19 and how people around the globe adopted Indian salutation ‘Namaste’ amid the outbreak of the highly contagious virus. Through his song, the rapper asked people not to panic […]

Tasmin Kurien makes sign language covers of popular English songs

Tasmin Kurien is seen performing to the sound track ‘Pray For Me’ from The Black Panther in one of her recent videos on YouTube. As she spells out the lyrics in sign language, she also moves her body to the rhythm. “I have done four covers in sign language, one every week, in the last […]

Celebrating Hindi Diwas With These Famous Quotes

To celebrate the significance of this ancient language, Hindi Diwas is observed on September 14 every year. The day is celebrated to commemorate Hindi being adopted as one of India’s twenty-two official languages. However, when the proposal came in 1949, Hindi became the second official language (English being the only language prior). This decision was […]

Home Ministry leads government wings in adoption of Hindi

Language barriers“See, no one is averse to the language but when we have a large section of people who are comfortable with a particular language, it is best to keep it uniform. Also, this Ministry sees major collaborations, research-based policy papers, data-driven information which covers a very large group of people. Hence it is vital […]

He created a Hindi to English dictionary to pass IIT-JEE

Growing up, college always seemed like a distant dream to Mahesh Poddar. He spent his early years in Mahagama, a then small village in northeast Jharkhand where he received schooling at a local temple, under an old banyan tree, before joining a government school where he could study only till class 10. Pursuing further studies […]