Hiroshima in colour: Terrible power of the atomic bomb is shown in colourised photos 75 years after 146,000 died in Japan

This photo combination shows digital colourisation process of the above photo, carried out by Anju Niwata and Hidenori Watanave. When Niwata showed the colourised version of a family photograph to a war survivor who had dementia, he remembered the type of flowers in the photograph

How Beirut Explosion Compares With Hiroshima Bomb

The explosion damaged or destroyed 85 percent of the country’s grain, which was located in silos near the explosion site. Lebanon already faced food insecurity which has now been exacerbated by the destruction of the port, as the country relies on imports for around 80 percent of what it consumes, especially food.

Lebanese ministers and ex-minister are to be interrogated by prosecutors over deadly chemical blast which killed 171

Lebanese protesters run from tear gas fired by security forces today in Beirut today. Many see the blast as a symbol of corruption and incompetence among the country’s elite, and protests have broken out after months of political and economic meltdown.

Feeling advent-urous? With Christmas just around the corner, FEMAIL reveals the most fun-filled calendars to help you count down to the festive season

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Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe sparks anger after delivering near-identical speeches at different events in Hiroshima and Nagasaki to mark the anniversaries of WW2 bombings

Haruko Moritaki, the 81-year-old co-director of the Hiroshima Alliance for Nuclear Weapons Abolition, added: ‘Prime Minister Abe says he will stay ‘in tune with atomic bomb survivors, who are advancing in years,’ but has not taken concrete action.

Driver, 25, is charged with murder after crashing SUV into 55-year-old and her daughter, 20, before circling the block to hit the mom AGAIN, dragging her under the car and killing her

‘The looters have no regard for the safety of others. And the driver of this vehicle was driving in a manner consistent with that. … I believe that, because this vehicle was driving in such a reckless manner downtown, that it was connected to the looting incidents.’

Why does coronavirus kill fewer people in East Asia?

The fact that people do not shake hands or kiss to greet each other in much of Asia cannot really explain them, either, considering that COVID-19 seems to be transmitted mainly by air and not contact.  So researchers are looking at other reasons that could explain the wide differences in the number of cases and […]

Beirut blast: How does ammonium nitrate create such devastating explosions?

This isn’t the first time ammonium nitrate has been involved in a deadly catastrophe. The deadliest industrial accident in U.S. history occurred in the port of Texas City, Texas, in 1947. A carelessly tossed cigarette started a fire aboard a ship carrying about 2,300 tons (2,086,000 kg) of ammonium nitrate packed in paper sacks. When […]

Heartbroken fiance says kids keep ‘asking for’ mom-of-6 gunned down ‘by ex’ during son’s live Zoom class

“Realized there was some type of domestic altercation. Still could see the child that’s online. The teacher said she mutes her button so nobody has to hear it and then she sees the 10-year-old put his hands up to his ears.

How did Britain get its coronavirus response so wrong?

One conclusion that experts are already drawing is that it was those countries close to China, with memories of Sars, or cultural ties to their neighbour, which were much faster to act in response to Covid-19. Perhaps most notable in its success was Taiwan. Closely linked by economic and cultural ties to mainland China, Taiwan […]