Universal credit earnings calculations unlawful, judge says

Pantellerisco welcomed the ruling and criticised the DWP for having persistently “fobbed off” her attempts to understand why she had been penalised, even as she fell into hardship and became reliant on charity food to feed her family. “The way they make you feel is absolutely disgusting,” she said.

Young people involved in Vietnam’s fight against COVID-19

This allows holders to remain in the country if they have no other visa options and are unable to depart due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Applicants must demonstrate why they can’t meet the requirements for another visa, according to the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

Digital banking: Mondo hopes to become the Google or Facebook of the sector

To prove the point, Blomfield blocks his card using his iPhone, just as he puts it in the self-service till at his local supermarket. The card is declined. Moments later he swipes it back on from the phone. The card is accepted. The purchase – two bananas for 40p – shows up on his iPhone […]

The shoebox flat is our housing crisis in microcosm

However, the general trends emerging from the data are undeniable: our homes are shrinking – they are on average nearly half the size that they were in 1920s; prices, especially in the south-east, continue to soar while mortgage lending requirements are tightened; all of which makes buying a property unaffordable for the vast majority of […]

Wirecard UK unlocks customers’ cash after FCA freeze

The watchdog said the restrictions were meant to protect customer cash, after its German parent filed for insolvency last week as its accounting scandal widened. However, the move resulted in a worrying weekend for some UK customers who said they faced financial difficulty as a result of the FCA’s crackdown.

Disabled people can’t be cannon fodder for Boris Johnson’s economic recovery plan

On Sunday, new possible lockdown measures were leaked to the press amid fears over a coronavirus resurgence. Just 24 hours earlier, the government paused shielding in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and announced it was safe for “extremely vulnerable” people to leave their homes and return to the workplace. People with severe asthma and cancer […]

TUC chief: fear of unemployment is being used to lower pay

“You’d be forgiven for thinking that this was part of a ‘back to the kitchen sink’ campaign,” she said in an interview with the Guardian: “When you look at what’s happening, with women being hit hardest by job losses, service cuts, threats to take away employment rights, pay depression and rising bills and lack of […]

Donald Trump’s ‘sickening’ Access Hollywood comments spark flood of sexual assault stories

The response from US politicians, the media and the people, in the wake of the news, indicated that Mr Trump’s remarks were not being received simply as “boys will be boys” commentary.

Vietnam rules out Hydroxychloroquine, uses convalescent plasma in COVID-19 treatment

Regarding children who contracted COVID-19, in the new treatment guidelines, doctors are told to look at possible multi-organ inflammatory lesions similar to the rarely occurring Kawasaki disease, with an array of symptoms including fever, erythema or corneal hyperaemia, or sub-mucosal swelling, circulatory failure, heart damage, and blood clotting disorder.

What a 200-year-old experiment can teach anxious parents about home schooling

For perhaps the first time in the history of modern education, millions of primary and secondary students may begin the school year from home. While pupils in England are due to return to in-person learning this September, uncertainty remains as cases rise, local lockdowns are implemented, and the scientific community warns that the government’s test […]