Dr. Wilfred Reilly on whether systemic racism exists in America

There’s another one that’s kept online and live at https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.killedbypolice.net&d=DwICAg&c=cnx1hdOQtepEQkpermZGwQ&r=tgDLkJy54PfJyWJwul3dKe54qGxqO7b7d5vjo7RcZds&m=4F-S_-1PlnteXeB2D7EabvoXExN6ADkRjgGdobPawxE&s=X3oKXzMCTXBTXlVrvKD9yAHblRaQvKEa71V2tJSrIzM&e= . And if you look at that “Washington Post” database, for some reason, the figures change from time to time.

TOM UTLEY: I’ve had a newborn and a 98th birthday in the family… and oh, how it’s set me thinking of the future

OK, that’s not as impressive as the record of my late grandparents, who lived under six reigns — those of Victoria, Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, George VI and our present Queen, God bless her. But it certainly beats the one reign I’ve experienced, as a mere stripling of 66, born in Coronation year, […]

US Selectively Omits ‘Complicity’ in Libyan War While ‘Angling’ Against Russia, China in Africa

“They weren’t able to get in during the Berlin Conference of the 1880s,” when European imperial powers drafted the rules by which they would split up the African continent between themselves, “but with this dominance of the World Trade Organization and World Bank [type of] financial institutions, and with the cooperation, using African militaries and […]

As a Latino immigrant, I thought I understood the challenges of the Black community. I have a lot to learn

Picking a lane and making a difference I’ll admit, before I began to undertake this path of self-education and enacting change, I had a moment where I felt paralyzed. There are so many amazing nonprofits to support, so many ways to channel my energy and resources. But I realized that I needed to pick a […]

When it comes to diversity in tech, history doesn’t have to repeat itself

The raw number of women in tech has moved by a few percentage points, but we’re still very far from parity. In 2019, women held 23% of tech jobs at Apple, up from 20% in 2014. At Facebook they increased from 15% to 23%; at Google from 17% to 23%; and at Microsoft from 17% […]