‘I literally weep’: anguish as New Zealand’s National Library culls 600,000 books

Some treasures have already been saved. While trawling the cull lists, writer Chris Bourke found a first-edition copy of Jack Keruouc’s On the Road, which sells for upwards of NZ$1,000. That copy has now been rescued by a North Island library, while the entire Holocaust collection has been claimed by New Zealand’s Holocaust centre, after […]

Ardern’s promise to make Māori new year a public holiday is long overdue

In the wake of the pandemic, this year’s Matariki felt even more significant for me. Like many communities around the world, Covid-19 and its restrictions have taken a heavy toll on our people and so the prospect of starting afresh in July was comforting. It would have been great if more people could have enjoyed […]

Christchurch shootings: Sign language interpreter a symbol of New Zealand’s inclusive response

According to New Zealand’s human rights commission, individuals in New Zealand have the right to use either New Zealand Sign Language or Māori in official court proceedings with interpreters, and Māori is taught in most schools. Māori was made an official language in 1987 and sign language was designated an official language in 2006.

‘It brings a lot of emotion and anxiety’: The truth about readjusting to life in New Zealand

“In my working life, I am dealing with so many driven and forward-thinking people that this sentiment is just not in my reality, so it has been a surprise to me. I know these voices do not represent the majority of our nation, and we have been so warmly welcomed to our new community. I […]

The heartbreaking reason a new mum, 35, who had her whole life ahead of her suddenly killed herself – after first attempting suicide on her baby girl’s first birthday

Symptoms of postnatal depression feeling low or numb – some people describe feeling nothing at alllack of interest and/or pleasure in life, yourself and/or the babyno energy – finding it difficult to cope and get through the day (may also be attributed to lack of sleep)loss of confidence, feeling helpless, hopeless and worthlessoften feeling close to […]

Football’s first fa’afafine: trans rights trailblazer Jaiyah Saelua on stardom and sisterhood

“I thought everyone on board were new actors. I was so wrong. I found out one-by-one as I talked to each of them. I was like, ‘oh, is this not your first?’ I felt so silly for being naive. They were incredible and I fell in love with each and every single one of them. […]

Adventures in ‘Canzuk’: why Brexiters are pinning their hopes on imperial nostalgia

But it was Brexit that put wind in the swashbuckling free traders’ sails. Daniel Hannan wrote enthusiastic columns in the Daily Telegraph about the coming of a gilded age of the English-speaking nations. (Hannan has now joined Abbott on the board of trade advisers.) A private company was set up to lobby for Canzuk in […]

‘Something bold, different, unique’: The challenge of scoring new gang movie Savage

Savage is not a conventional crime drama narrative. A deep, intimate character study it hones in on moments that surround action rather than action itself. Sure, there is violence but a lot of time is spent observing quiet moments of contemplation, times when critical choices are faced.

Kiwi cruise company launches new voyages to NZ’s ‘best-kept secrets’

Guests will also have the opportunity to learn about the rich history and conservation efforts of these wild and rugged destinations, experience Fiordland from above with an optional helicopter extension and observe the antics of endemic Snares crested penguins as they navigate the treacherous “Penguin Slide”.

Josh Emett to open new restaurant in Auckland called Onslow

Other Madam Woo restaurants in Hamilton, Takapuna, Auckland and Queenstown continue to operate, as do other restaurants owned by the couple’s business venture, Go-To-Collection including Rata (Queenstown) and Hawker and Roll (Auckland, Tauranga, Christchurch and Queenstown).