Must-try street food options for a day trip to Hoi An

A trip to Hoi An is incomplete without visitors trying Ba Buoi chicken rice which has become somewhat of a trademark for its unique recipe and special taste. In this dish, chicken is torn into small pieces and mixed with chopped herbs and sliced onions to form a salad. It is then served with rice […]

Hanoi, Hoi An intensify fight against plastic wastes

The city’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment has signed a plan with the Department of Education this year to roll out a programme to collect, categorise and recycle milk cartons and plastic straws in schools, Chi said.

Sacombank shareholders green-light online annual general meeting

Guidelines to attend the online AGM of shareholders are available at — VNS

Designers introduce ao dai collections in HCM City

Miss Earth 2018 Nguyen Phuong Khanh wears an ao dai made from chirimen, a traditional Japanese silk, designed by veteran designer Vo Viet Chung of HCM City. — Photo from designer’s Facebook page The collection features 30 áo dài designs, mostly in retro colours such as black, dark green and midnight blue that are used in ceremonies. The clothes feature […]

Vietnamese survivors of S.Korean massacres – P3: Separated sisters

She recalled a quiet morning when she, her family members and neighbors were getting ready for a new working day in the paddy field. A group of South Korean soldiers then appeared out of nowhere, lining up the unsuspecting locals in the field before shooting straight at them.

Việt Nam approves a list of countries applicable for e-visa

Sixteen road border gates listed in the new decision include Móng Cái in Quảng Ninh Province, Hữu Nghị in Lạng Sơn Province, Lào Cai, Nấm Cắn in Nghệ An Province, Cầu Treo in Hà Tĩnh Province, La Lay, Lao Bảo in Quảng Trị Province and Hà Tiên in Kiên Giang Province.

How should Vietnam prepare for post-pandemic tourism recovery?

Frank Bochmann is seen in a photo he provided Tuoi Tre News. Saebel: Vietnam’s tourism sector has been tragically affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. Airlines, hotels, restaurants, laundry facilities, amusement parks, transport companies, tour operators, and homestay owners have all seen their business come to a standstill. The loss of revenue and livelihoods for […]

The apocalyptic virus that would make corona seem irrelevant: Leading scientist warns of the danger of a pandemic triggered by chicken farms that could kill half the world’s population

But when its next host’s beak is just an inch away, the virus can evolve to kill quickly and still survive. With tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of susceptible hosts in a single chicken shed, the virus can rapidly cycle from one bird to the next, accumulating adaptive mutations.

Summer-autumn rice production in Southern provinces exceeds 9.1 million tons

The Southern Hydro-Meteorological Station noted that from the second half of May, the flow in the upstream of the Mekong River to the Mekong Delta is 5-20 percent higher than the average of many years, the water level in the upstream of the Cuu Long River is higher than the average of many years from […]

Pig brain in crab soup: Kiwi couple recalls ‘spectacular’ food memory in Vietnam

After making their order at a stall on Hai Ba Trung Street, the couple sat down on the other side of the street under the shade in front of Le Van Tam Park and waited for a waiter who carried a tray full of green papaya salad portions weaving his way through the traffic to […]