India and China going through unprecedented situation, says Jaishankar

“It is important that they (India and China) understand the need to accommodate each other’s rise; clearly they will have some common interests and many interests which are more individual, nationally-centred and that process of how to adjust to each other when both of them are rising to my mind is one of the big […]

Ladakh standoff | India, China agree to stop sending more troops to frontline

A defence source said while the disengagement is yet to be agreed upon, the recent talks will ensure there won’t be any is no further build up along the LAC. c, “take practical measures to properly solve problems on the ground, and jointly safeguard peace and tranquillity in the border area,” the statement added.

‘Designed to inflict maximum damage’: Chilling spike in China’s economic ‘war’ against Australia with 82 ships carrying a staggering $1.1BILLION worth of coal stranded in hostile waters – with 1,500 seafarers on board

May 18: The World Health Organization backs a partial investigation into the pandemic, but China says it is a ‘joke’ for Australia to claim credit. The same day, China imposes an 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley. Australia says it may challenge this at the WTO. 

Johnson Warned by Tories Against Caving to EU Pressure As Post-Brexit Trade Deal ‘Teeters’ on Brink

European Union chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, right, speaks with the British Prime Minister’s Europe adviser David Frost during the start of the first round of post -Brexit trade talks between the EU and the UK, at EU headquarters in Brussels, Monday, March 2, 2020. Long-awaited trade talks between the EU and Britain kick off […]

Huawei ban timeline: US reportedly in talks to let company’s CFO return to China

April 21, 2020: Huawei reports 1.4% revenue increase for the first quarter of 2020 as it grapples with the coronavirus pandemic. Also, senior British official reportedly says UK is unlikely to reconsider “firm” decision to allow Huawei access to non-sensitive parts of its 5G network.

The man who redefined digital age

Coming on the scene just as computing began to move beyond the walls of research laboratories and corporations in the 1970s, Mr. Jobs saw that computing was becoming personal that it could do more than crunch numbers and solve scientific and business problems and that it could even be a force for social and economic […]