As coronavirus tears through nursing homes, families face an impossible choice

Those nursing homes will “do their best, they’ll try to contain it, but people will run out of [protective equipment], caregivers will get sick, and people will die,” said David A. Nace, clinical chief of geriatric medicine for the University of Pittsburgh Department of Medicine. “New York will have killed people. There’s no way to […]

The Kennedy Center Launches Community Companion Home Program

Applicants of all backgrounds in Fairfield and Litchfield Counties are wanted for The Kennedy Center’s new Community Companion Home program, offered through the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services (DDS). Community Companion Homes provide individuals with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to maintain independence, while thriving in a family environment.

The cheapest Google Home prices for April 2020: the best Home Mini, Hub and Max deals

Google Home prices fall on multiple occasions throughout the year on a range of its devices. That’s what our dedicated price comparison technology is here to help you with. You’re at the best (constantly updated) page to find the latest Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Nest Hub (previously known as the Google Home Hub) […]

‘This is pretty much my daily diet’: Ayda Field shares Supermarket Sweat home workout using bottles of wine for bicep curls followed by ‘cheese and cracker dips’

Made from performance fabric and designed to offer support at all times, these leggings are as flattering as they are practical. If you fancy emulating Ayda and picking up a pair for yourself, click (right) now to bag them for £75 at The Sports Edit.

Home Before Dark review: New Apple TV murder mystery is sleek but too straightforward

It’s a shame that, at least in the first three episodes – that’s how many the series will premiere with on April 3 – the show doesn’t display many traits worthy of an unequivocal recommendation. There are dozens of superior alternatives to be found, and especially in this competitive climate, Home Before Dark really needed […]

Print this so you don’t bring coronavirus home

Supervise your pet in your backyard It’s OK to play with them outside — just keep your distance from other humans If you’re sick, ask someone you live with to take care of them while you recover If you must care for them while you’re sick, wash your hands frequently

Indian workers risk coronavirus in desperation to reach homes in rural areas

Meanwhile, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal appealed to rural migrants not to go home after a massive exodus began from cities, with many workers making the long journeys on foot. “Stay where you are. Because there is a risk of corona spreading in such a big crowd,” he tweeted.

Coronavirus movies: Seven films to watch at home this week

My favourite moments have to be Pitt’s ridiculous face as those closet doors swing open, the way Tilda Swinton says “foolish” and what that machine George Clooney is building in his garage actually does. Oh my.

Police are urged to reveal if they knew father had gun before he blasted daughters, aged four and two, partner and family dog to death in bloodbath at Sussex home

‘Robert was building an extension for the family to live in, but whilst he was building that he wasn’t getting an income from any other building work so it might have been that there were issues over finance or it might have been issues over people living together in confined conditions.

Baton Rouge family mourns coronavirus death of 58-year-old dad and Georgia-Pacific employee

But the week of March 15 found Hollins sick in bed with cold symptoms that had not abated since he began to experience congestion and sinus issues the week prior. He and his wife had taken a short weekend trip together during what he thought was the recovery period of his sickness — though when […]