No need to swim: Germans stuck in New Zealand fly home

She said she and her staff have been trying to negotiate with the airlines and to help the most vulnerable get home, including the elderly, young children and those with health issues. She said they’re also trying to prioritize those who work for Britain’s National Health Service.

COVID-19 | Sorry for bringing virus home, says Arunachal patient who returned from Nizamuddin

“I did not believe the test result when it came positive, but now I am worried about my future. I might have to go back to Assam from where my father had come,” he said in reaction to vitriolic Facebook posts and photos of his family going viral.

Coronavirus | An app that tracks health conditions of home-quarantined people

Over 5,000 ASHA and ANM workers are using the app and feed information to the around 4,800 PHC sub-centres that in turn pass the same to the 886 public health centres. Thereafter, the data flows to the District Medical Health Office and from there, to the department.

Social distancing ‘heat map’ reveals people in Middlesbrough are most likely to flout the new ‘stay at home’ rules designed to curb the spread of coronavirus

The best at staying at home were the people of Ryedale, North Yorkshire, at 98.3 per cent; Wandsworth in southwest London, at 97.9; Arun in West Sussex, at 98.4 per cent; Liverpool, 97.5 per cent; and Adur, also in West Sussex, 97.5 per cent. 

Home Grown: How Domestic Violence Turns Men Into Terrorists – review

It’s hard to fault the logic: treat what police used to call “domestics” as the serious crime it is and you considerably improve the chances of saving the lives not only of wives, partners and former girlfriends but also members of the public. And yet there is a conundrum at the heart of Home Grown. […]

China’s ‘Ne Zha’ Hops Past ‘Zootopia’ As Market’s Biggest Animated Film Ever While Local Box Office Rebounds & TV Faces Communist Party Haircut

The action rescue film released today, The Bravest was tied to Army Day, which celebrates the founding of the People’s Liberation Army, and has a 9.6 on Maoyan. Directed by Tony Chan and produced by Andrew Lau, this is the first film in Bona’s China Pride Trilogy. It sees a group of Chinese firefighters struggle […]

Tips from ancient Tamil literature for troubled times

Ancient Tamil poets show us the way to cope with the situation we find ourselves in with Covid-19 and the lockdown, says Coimbatore-based Bharatanatyam danseuse Karunasagari V. The founder-director of Bhakti Natya Niketan (BNN) quotes mystic philosopher Tirumoolar to show how one can move from “being a self-centred consumer to an active contributor”: If not […]

Meghan Markle ‘Heartbroken’ That She Hasn’t Been Able to See Her Mom Since Moving to LA

British newspaper The Sun says Harry and Meghan are following quarantine advice to the letter, meaning that although they have been able to enjoy video calls and phone chats with Meghan’s mom, they have not been able to spend time together in person.

Let’s get angrier at China’s cruel wet markets that caused coronavirus and brought the world to its knees

So thank you to the doctors, the nurses, the NHS workers, the first responders, the supermarket staff, the cleaners, the bus drivers, the Tube staff, the delivery drivers, the journalists and anyone else who NEEDS to keep working to keep our society going.

Billionaire Jeff Bezos hints Amazon could deliver ‘easy-to-access’ COVID-19 tests across the world after conversations with WHO as workers in 17 US warehouses test positive for the virus

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – A fulfillment center employee tested positive for the virus, Amazon told local news WJXT, which quoted an anonymous worker as saying the person was “upset, angry, scared — basically in fear for my safety, in my own immediate (family’s) safety.”